POPEL Landscaping and Design, LLC

Bohdan Popel
12 Dogwood Court , Woodbridge , Connecticut , 06525

Profile: POPEL Landscaping and Design, is a full-service family-owned landscaping business since 2012 with a straightforward and unique design/build philosophy. We operate under the principles of honesty, integrity, excellence, and professionalism. We handle your job from conception to its realization. We listen to your thoughts and ideas to bring your dreams to life. By choosing POPEL Landscaping and Design, for your landscaping needs means choosing - a family business dedicated to building not only your dream landscape, but a long term relationship as well.
Additional Information
Contemporary Cottage Estate - 5 acres or larger Rock Garden / Alpine Streetscapes / Medians Urban / Small Space / Containers Water Garden / Pond / Coastal Woodland / Rustic / Natural
Design/Build, Installation, Maintenance
Favorite Plant:
Heritage River Birch (Clump)
Why It's My Favorite:
The Heritage River Birch has an attractive Salmon-colored peeling bark which provides year-round interest. When lighting the tree up at night it dramatically comes to life. A beautiful and unique tree with yellow fall colour that will stand out in your landscape.