Monrovia Brings Beauty to Spring Gardens with Plant Combination Style Tips Webinar

Azusa, California – Spring is here! That means we are all planning, planting, and dreaming about our 2022 gardens. Monrovia is sharing inspiring solutions to spring style challenges in their latest gardening webinar.

Join Monrovia’s plant hunter, Georgia Clay and trend spotter, Katie Tamony, as they explore fresh color combinations and style ideas for spring gardens. Learn about eye-catching plants that can help your customers elevate their garden style instantly, and tips for creating unique combinations with easy-to-remember guidelines.

This engaging, 1-hour conversation, watched live by nearly 1,000 consumers, is now available on-demand at:

“Creating plant combinations in the garden can be a creative outlet for all of us, whether you’re an industry expert or a home gardener,” says Katie Tamony, Monrovia’s chief marketing officer and former editor-in-chief of Sunset Magazine. “But we often get into a rut or struggle with what to plant. In this discussion, we will share inspiring design tips and offer interesting plant suggestions that can help create stylish containers and stunning garden combinations.” Whether you’re looking to create new in-store displays or just want to offer your customers new design inspiration, there is something for everyone in this discussion.

About Katie Tamony
Katie Tamony is the Chief Marketing Officer of Monrovia. With more than 20 years of expertise in lifestyle and leisure industries, Katie has been tracking trends and developing consumer insight measures to help companies and organizations prepare for the future throughout her career. In 2001, she became the youngest editor-in-chief of Sunset Magazine and Sunset Books in its history, leading the premier authority on lifestyle in the West. Katie has long been interested in the intersections of garden, art, health, and well-being. A longtime avid gardener, she returned to Monrovia in 2020 to lead its consumer marketing into the future.

About Georgia Clay
Georgia Clay is the New Plants Manager of Monrovia. In her role, she works with breeders and plant finders from around the world to bring new plants to market for Monrovia.  As a rising star in the horticulture field, Georgia has worked across the industry, in retail, plant breeding and landscaping before coming to Monrovia. She has a wonderful grasp on what homeowners need in their garden and an energetic style of sharing tricks and tips for creating a beautiful outdoor space. Georgia holds a degree in Horticulture, Ecological and Sustainable Production from Oregon State University.


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About Monrovia
Inspired by the beauty of plants, gardens, and landscapes everywhere, Harry E. Rosedale, Sr. founded Monrovia in 1926 to be a premier grower of shrubs and trees. Monrovia collaborates with plant breeders around the world to introduce improved plant varieties to North America. Monrovia plants flourish once planted to beautify gardens and landscapes. Please visit to learn more.


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