Monrovia Provides Fresh Ideas for Confident Color Design

Azusa, California – You can never have enough ideas for garden design. That’s why Monrovia is offering a new “must have” gardening tool. The new Shades of Beautiful guidebook is a look at this spring’s top colors and combinations. This digital, downloadable guide features ten beautiful color palettes and plant variety ideas any gardener can use for inspiration.


“Creating beautiful plant pairings in the landscape can be daunting,” says Katie Tamony, chief marketing officer at Monrovia. “This get-the-look booklet makes the process easier, providing fresh ideas for plant choices and inspiring color combos that will help home gardeners feel more confident.”


Use the Shades of Beautiful guidebook for ideas, insights and story ideas. And, feel free to share it with your readers:




Need more ideas or images? Contact:

Kathleen Hennessy, [email protected] or 952-224-2939 ext. 120


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