Monrovia® Featured Plants Add Beauty to the Landscape

When introducing plant varieties, Monrovia looks for improvements such as more or larger flowers, a longer bloom season, better hardiness or resistance to pest and diseases, and plant habits that fit the structural needs of home landscapes. Monrovia's Featured Plants are introductions that are versatile, distinct, and will remain popular for years to come. These introductions represent the best and most beautiful varieties Monrovia grows.

Beautiful Plants for Shade
Seaside Serenade® Hydrangeas are a remarkable collection of 10 varieties specially selected for uniquely sturdy stems that will not flop after a rain and hold up beautifully when cut for flower arrangements. They are reliable rebloomers that produce flowers all summer and into fall. And they are compact, fitting well in small-space landscapes and containers. There are ten spectacular colors in the collection including:

Beautiful Plants for Hot, Sunny Spots
Shrub Roses add stunning, season-long color to landscapes. Grace N’ Grit™ shrub roses are proven performers, featuring big clusters of beautiful flowers. They tackle both heat and humidity and hot, dry weather with ease. They are gritty, disease-resistant roses you do not need to deadhead. They stay the perfect size to grace borders, beds and containers with their nonstop display of elegant, jewel-tone flowers. There are four luscious colors available:

A Beautiful Plant for Containers and Mass Plantings
The first Sunflower to bloom continuously, Monrovia selected SunBelievable® Brown Eyed Girl for its flower power. Each plant produces 1,000 (or more) beautiful blossoms from spring to frost. SunBelievable® Brown Eyed Girl has the unique characteristic among sunflowers that it does not need to be deadheaded. Each flower, after the petals drop, adds a dark accent that complements the brightly colored blooms. The plant grows 32” tall and 40” wide, so it is perfect for containers or in the landscape. SunBelievable® also makes an excellent cut flower.

Beautiful Plants for Pollinator Gardens
It is easier than ever to feed bees, butterflies, and other pollinators with beautiful Evolution™ Coneflowers. They feature richer, more vibrant colors than other varieties. Each plant produces multiple branches, providing more blossoms from late spring through fall—even in summer heat. These hearty, North American native plants are also fantastic for cutting because they feature sturdy stems. Evolution™ Coneflowers are available in five colorful varieties including:

About Monrovia
Inspired by the beauty of plants, gardens, and landscapes everywhere, Harry E. Rosedale Senior founded Monrovia in 1926 to be a premier grower of shrubs and trees. Monrovia collaborates with plant breeders around the world to introduce improved plant varieties to North America. Monrovia plants flourish once planted to beautify gardens and landscapes. Please visit