Photo Policy for Retail Partners displays over 9,000 plant images representing our plant varieties. This collection has been and continues to be thoughtfully curated to represent our brand and convey the beauty, quality, and value of Monrovia-grown plants.  While most of the valuable image assets displayed on are exclusive and available for use by our retail partners, Monrovia does not own or have license to share 100% of the images displayed on our website. As of January 2019, we have nearly 7,000 distributable images. As our image library grows, so do the assets that we can share with our retail partners. Policy:

  • Images provide by Monrovia are a benefit of Tier 1 Customers only.
  • Images are provided to support current year inventory of Monrovia plants or varieties booked for upcoming season. Use is limited to promotion of Monrovia plants.
  • Subtly branded (watermarked) hi-res files are provided, suitable for small to medium print and web.
  • Non-watermarked hi-res files are available for larger format print use, upon request. Examples: signage or magazine ad.

Terms of Use:

  • Images must be attributed to Monrovia either via a credit, watermark, logo or link to product page.
  • Any photo that has a copyright should be credited to copyright holder if used online.
  • Supplied images may not be enabled for download or shared to another party.
  • Retailer Partners who bypass the request process and take images directly from our site or web content source files could be subject to infringement and license fees by owner of said image(s).

Photo Request Process:

  • Photo requests are to be routed through Monrovia sales representative.
  • Requests are fulfilled by Marketing in the order received.
  • Large line-item requests may be supplied in manageable batches.
  • Images will be bundled for download via a link