• Overview
    Light Needs:
    Full sun
    Watering Needs:
    Once established, needs only occasional watering.
    Average Landscape Size:
    Forms airy clumps 12 to 24 in. tall and as wide; 30 in. tall in bloom.
    Key Feature:
    Landscape Uses:
  • Detail
    Plant type:Ornamental Grass
    Growth rate:Moderate
    Average landscape size:Forms airy clumps 12 to 24 in. tall and as wide; 30 in. tall in bloom.
    Foliage color:Light Green
    Flower color:Brown
    Design IdeasBeautifull grown in masses, this is a candidate for rock gardens, dry streambeds and next to landscape boulders. Grow as a single accent or in a small cluster among other drought- and heat-resistant perennials for unique color and texture variation. Excellent choice in Mexican ceramic pots for an artistic statement in Santa Fe-style garden. In California, substitute dwarf fountain grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Hameln'), Blonde Ambition blue gamma grass (Bouteloua gracilis), or prarie dropseed (Sporobolus airoides) for a similar effect in the landscape.
  • Care
    Care Information
    Provide a well drained soil and water regularly during the first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system. Reduce watering after establishment. Prune off or rake out dead foliage before new foliage emerges.
    Light Needs:
    Light needs: Full Sun
    Full sun
    Watering Needs:
    Water needs: Low
    Once established, needs only occasional watering.
  • History & Lore
    Mexican feathergrass often self-sows abundantly and may spread out of its designated place in the garden. It is an extremely vigorous grass, and can crowd pasture species as well as native grasses in coastal areas. In Argentina, where Mexican feathergrass is native, it is regarded as an unpalatable grass (Moretto & Distel 1998). The grass forms indigestible balls in the stomach of livestock and, Mexican feathergrass can become dominant under continual heavy grazing pressure with a low frequency of high-intensity fire (Distel & Boo 1995). Monrovia does not ship this grass to California.