• Overview
    Light Needs:
    Full sun
    Watering Needs:
    Water regularly to maintain evenly moist soil - weekly, or more often.
    Average Landscape Size:
    Quickly reaches 3 to 5 ft. tall, 3 ft.. wide.
    Key Feature:
    Late Summer Color
    Summer to Fall
  • Detail
    Botanical Pronunciation:hel-EE-nee-um aw-tum-NAH-lee
    Plant type:Perennial
    Growth rate:Fast
    Average landscape size:Quickly reaches 3 to 5 ft. tall, 3 ft.. wide.
    Special features:Easy Care, Fast Growing
    Foliage color:Gray-green
    Blooms:Summer to Fall
    Flower color:Yellow
    Garden styleCottage, Rustic
    Design IdeasThis American native is perfectly at home in a meadow or prairie garden or open woodland in areas where regular moisture abounds. Thrives along a sunny stream bed or pond's edge. A valuable late season bloomer for the traditional perennial border.
    Companion PlantsBlack-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia); Avens (Geum); Bee Balm (Monarda); Joe-Pye Weed (Eupatorium); Gayfeather (Liatris)
  • Care
    Care Information
    Provide organically rich, moist but well-drained soil. Water regularly in first growing season to establish root system. Once established, prefers regular moisture, even tolerating wet soils; does not tolerate dry soils. Fertilize only lightly. Remove spent flowers to encourage continued bloom. Hard prune by 1/2 after bloom period.
    Light Needs:
    Light needs: Full Sun
    Full sun
    Watering Needs:
    Water needs: Moderate
    Water regularly to maintain evenly moist soil - weekly, or more often.
  • History & Lore
    Helenium is a native wildflower from the Americas, found around damp woodland areas, alongside streams and ponds, and in moist meadow lands and prairies, with regular moisture. They have a shallow root system and will not thrive with periodic dry spells. The species H. autumnale refers to a late summer through fall bloom period, later than others of its genus. Despite its name, sneezeweed is not a common source of seasonal allergies.


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