About Monrovia Nursery and the plants we grow

Pre-Order for Spring

Buy now, plant later.

Fall and winter are the perfect time to start dreaming about next year’s garden. As your dreams evolve into plans, it’s time to reserve the plants at the top of your wishlist. Whether it’s an exciting new exclusive that you just have to see in your garden, or that perfect plant you were missing this year, now’s the time to make sure those special plants make it to you next spring.

We have been nurturing plants that Grow Beautifully® for nearly 100 years. We know when plants are ready to leave our care and ship to garden centers across the US. The decision on when to ship a plant depends on a variety of factors, including the plant's natural timetable, which of our nursery locations it is grown at, local weather, and your location.  

In general, plants will ship after the last frost date in your area, or when garden centers start receiving fresh plants after the holidays. Because of all the different aspects of growing and shipping healthy plants, your pre-order can take between 10 and 20 weeks to arrive at the garden center of your choice.

As every gardener knows, growing beautiful plants takes time and care. We appreciate your patience and understanding with our shipping process and timeline. 

Plant Availability

Monrovia online plant availability is based on your location. Not all plants will be available in your area. Select from our list of more than 3,000 varieties. Use My Plantfinder to add plants to your cart that are right for your climate, needs, or preferences: