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River Birch

Betula nigra

Pronunciation: BET-ew-luh NY-gruh
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Description Attractive buff-colored peeling bark is a wonderful backdrop for yellow fall color. An impressive specimen often grown as a clump of several trunks. Thrives in moist areas. Considered to be more resistant to borers than the European white birch, and one of the most adaptable and heat tolerant of the birches. Deciduous.
Light Full sun
Watering Keep soil moist to wet.
Blooms Inconspicuous; prized for foliage and bark.
Mature Size Quickly reaches 40 to 60 ft. tall and wide; 70 ft. tall in ideal conditions.
Deciduous/Evergreen Deciduous
Special Features Attractive Bark, Fall Color, Improved Pest and Disease Resistance, North American Native Selection, Fast Growing, Benefits Birds
Growth Rate Fast
Growth Habit Pyramidal
Landscape Use Windbreak, Shade Tree
Design Ideas Excellent tree for very large homesites, parks and open space. A problem solver for low lying sites to wet for many other species. Important component of the wetland wild garden and for re-vegetating disturbed sites along river banks that benefit from extensive root stabilization of eroding banks..
Flower Color Yellow
Foliage Color Green
Companion Plants Clethra (Clethra); Red-Twig Dogwood (Cornus); Sweet Flag (Acorus); Dappled Willow (Salix integra); Water Iris (Iris ensata); Japanese Spurge (Pachysandra)
Care Thrives in deep, loamy, moist but well-drained soil amended with sand or gravel, but highly adaptable. Water deeply, regularly in first few growing seasons to establish root system; once established tolerates mild drought, but reaches maximum growth in rich, fertile, evenly moist soils. Fertilize in early spring. Seldom requires pruning.
Lore Infusions of the inner bark of river birch was used to treat a variety of ailments by many Native American tribes within its range.

This Plant's Growing Zones: 4-7

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