SunBelievable® Sunflowers

Months of color. Thousands of flowers.

SunBelievable® Sunflowers spread sunshine! These happy plants bring color and cheer for months, with thousands of flowers from spring until frost.  

Easy-care and heat-tolerant, SunBelievable shines on through hot summers and heavy rains, blooming without stopping. 

SunBelievable is great in the garden, in containers, in a vase, or as a gift. Enjoy the sunshine! 

SunBelievable® Brown Eyed Girl Helianthus

Extraordinary summer color with large, vibrant blooms. This award-winning, multi-branching, heat tolerant, non-invasive annual sunflower produces over 1,000 flowers in a single season, from spring until first frost. Sunny yellow petals with a dash of rich red surround the large brown center of each sensational flower. Excellent in borders and containers.

USDA Zone:Use as Annual
Light Needs:Full Sun
Bloom Time:Early Summer to Fall
Size:Rounded form, 3-4' tall & wide