10 Shrubs That Look Great in July

10 Shrubs That Look Great in July

Cha-ching! July is payday in the garden when all of your work last fall and this spring is right there in plain view for you (and the neighbors, of course) to admire. Just about everything, with the exception of the really early blooming shrubs, is looking sassy, loaded with blooms or just drenched in rich, deep shades of green. So, how to choose the best of the month? Let’s go red, white, and blue (or reddish-pinkish-white as above!).

What’s totally happening in your garden in July? Share below and please, if possible, note your zone so that others can learn (or steal!) ideas from your success.

Red Dragon® Hibiscus
Zone: 10 – 11

Profuse double red blooms all summer long. Mix with other hibiscus for tropical effect or with foliage plants to set off its hot colors. Full sun. Up to 8′ tall and 4′ wide.

Zone: 3 - 5


Grace N’ Grit™ Red Shrub Rose
Zone: 4 – 9

Upright bouquets of fully double roses on fuss-free shrubs that will endure a long, hot summer with an unwavering blooming zeal. Full sun. 5′ tall, 4′ wide. Monrovia Exclusive.


Seaside Serenade® Bar Harbor Hydrangea
Zone: 3 – 8

Masses of big, white flower heads put on a spectacular show. Partial to full sun. Up to 4′ tall and wide. Monrovia Exclusive.


Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce
Zone: 2 – 8

Blue! The bright blue needles hold their color all year long, but are a brighter hue in summer. Makes everything around it shine. Partial to full sun. Up to 5′ tall, 6′ wide.

Zone: 6 - 8


Cherry Dazzle® Dwarf Crape Myrtle
Zone: 6 – 10

Beautiful cherry-red blooms, excellent mildew and disease resistance, fuss free. Full sun. Up to 5′ tall and wide.


Petite Snow™ Butterfly Bush
Zone: 5 – 9

Spectacular conical clusters of fragrant, snowy-white, butterfly luring flowers. Dwarf form is ideal for smaller gardens. Partial to full sun. Up to 6′ tall, 5′ wide.


Blue Balloon® Bluebeard
Zone: 5 – 9

Deep-blue flowers bloom through fall. Welcome addition to any perennial border or wildlife garden. Compact with fragrant foliage. Full sun. Up to 2 1/2′ tall, 2′ wide.

Zone: 9 - 11


Ever Red® Fringe Flower
Zone: 7 – 9

Vivid, deep-red flowers combine with very dark, burgundy foliage to create a stunning, compact shrub. Partial to full sun. Up to 6′ tall and wide.


Summer Soul® Arabian Jasmine
Zone: 9 – 11

Large, double flowers fill the garden with haunting fragrance. Near year-round bloom in mild climates. Partial to full sun. Up to 8′ tall, 4′ wide. Monrovia Exclusive.


Royal Cape® Plumbago
Zone: 9 – 11

Huge clusters of vivid deep blue flowers cover this sprawling, vine-like shrub most of the year in warm zones. Beautiful annual for colder zones. Full sun. Up to 5′ tall, 8′ wide.