Romantic Summer Color Combo

Romantic Summer Color Combo

Roses and clematis. Clematis and roses. Just a match made in horticulture heaven.

Not only are they one of the most classic combinations, they’re highly compatible in several key areas including sunlight, soil, water and nutrient requirements, which makes them pretty easy to grow. Select a site in full sun with evenly moist but well-drained soil, prune in early spring, and feed monthly with a diluted liquid fertilizer such as fish emulsion (these plants love it!).

Among the many varieties of roses and clematis, it’s easy to find two plants that will flower together from spring through fall. The easiest way to ensure that your clematis and roses bloom together is to plant roses that are continuously flowering. (Varieties such as this Sweet Drift® Groundcover Rose or older ones such as New Dawn are good candidates.)

While you could truss up your perfect pairing onto a trellis, considering letting them spill and sprawl over a wall or raised planter as seen here. The effect of a waterfall of flowers is simply magic.

Love the look but only have a container? Try these together.


Boulevard® Fleuri™ Clematis

Topping out at only 4-ft tall, this prolific, compact climber offers show-stopping large, purple flowers over a long season. Zone: 4 – 9


Apricot Drift® Groundcover Rose

Clusters of apricot-colored flowers begin blooming in spring and carry on right through summer. Tumble to just 3-ft, so pot-perfect. Zone: 4 – 11

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