DIY This SunBelievable® Tabletop Garland!

DIY This SunBelievable® Tabletop Garland!

DIY This SunBelievable® Tabletop Garland!
Painted sunflowers with text that reads,

Set a pretty table (indoor or out!) with this fresh-from-the-garden DIY garland. You can whip this up with some basic craft supplies and clipping of foliage. Also, add flowers from your garden or farmer’s market. Add some candles in votive holders (or maybe wire a battery operated string of fairy lights) for some real magic. Expect to spend about an hour making this garland. If you have questions, please do leave a comment below.

How To Make a Fresh SunBelievable® Brown Eyed Girl Helianthus Garland

Supplies: (Note that amounts of fresh materials will depend on length of finished garland. Estimate 3 – 5 flowers per foot of garland for a lush look.)



1. Measure the length of your table and add an extra two feet.

2. Cut jute rope to this length. Coat cut ends with white craft glue to help stop unraveling.

3. Cut stems of greenery to about 8" long. Wire them to jute rope by wrapping stems in several places to it lies flat.

4. Continue to wire greenery to jute rope until it is covered. Lay on table and fill in any blank spots with more greenery until it is densely covered.

5. Cut fresh flowers leaving 2-inches of stem and tuck into greenery down the length of the table. To ensure flowers stay fresher longer, insert each into a florist water tube with a pick end.

Only left to do is invite company over! Misting will keep everything fresher longer. Greenery will dry in place so you can use the covered jute rope again.

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2019-03-26 13:00:00

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