Easy Decorating with Fresh Greenery this Holiday Season

Easy Decorating with Fresh Greenery this Holiday Season

Easy Decorating with Fresh Greenery this Holiday Season
Pagoda-inspired garland around a mirror comprising of Green Sport Western Red Cedar and Little Ollie Dwarf Olive branches.

A garden that features a lot of conifers, like our Tiny Tower® Dwarf Alberta SpruceGreen Tower® Boxwood, or Tiny Tower® Arborvitae, turns into a decorator’s paradise in winter. Gather evergreen branches, fresh herbs, flowers, fruits, leafy branches, and berries to make fresh, simple, and chic winter holiday decorations for every corner of your home.

This pagoda-inspired garland made from cedar and olive branches framing a mirror looks pretty advanced. Although it’s actually just bundles of overlapping boughs.

From the simplest gestures of a snippet of greenery on a package to a sumptuously decked out sideboard. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for bringing the outside in this winter.


Small Gestures

Miniature terra cotta pots are ideal foils for natural decorations. A scoop of soil holds white tapers in place, topped with snippets of fresh rosemary and bright red holly berries. Slipped into a milk bottle carrier and placed on a table or used individually as place settings. What a charming way to bring the garden indoors.


If Santa Were Nate Berkus…

Black, white, and green. A classic combination anytime of year, but one that’s so unexpected for wrapping gifts during the winter holidays. Sophisticated, but also clean and organic. This is just black paper festooned with a bundle of Bright Fantasy™ Snowberry and a conifer sprig. All tied up with yards of black ribbon.


So “Martha” (but so simple, too)

Evergreens have been a part of winter festivals since ancient times. They represent hope for the return of spring, and transform the plain to the lavish and lush. Even a classic dessert like this glazed cake feels more special with a ring of cut greenery. For instance, try this balsam fir tucked around it. Recipe here.


Ring in the Season

Boxwoods are under-appreciated for winter decorating. They have a Ye Olde English effect that's right for the season. Cut branches dry well, keeping their color if out of direct sunlight. This wreath is a clutch of clippings wired to an embroidery hoop. With a paper banner announcing the theme of the season.


Winter Flowers

In warmer regions of the country, it’s not unusual to find roses and camellias in bloom around the holidays. These flowers take on a more seasonal vibe when tucked into a vase filled with cut branches of conifers. For instance, these Japanese pine. A few ornaments add a bit of sparkle. Any red flower will do!


Add Quick Charm

This narrow sideboard has been transformed from service to sensational. This is done by adding a centerpiece of fresh pomegranates (so easy to grow your own!) in a pedestal bowl. Then tucking a variety of cut greens all around. Look around the house for places that can be dressed to thrill.


You’re So Etsy!

If you find any blank canvas that can be transformed with a coat of chalkboard spray paint to be irresistible. You'll love this idea. Spray the cardboard backing of a store-bought picture frame. Then make it holiday with sprigs of Green Beauty boxwood and a bit of ribbon.


A Welcoming Flourish

Two sprigs of Majestic Beauty® Japanese Black Pine and Green Sport Western Red Cedar. Both wired to a doorknob (with floral wire). Then finished with a bow is the perfect low-effort, high-impact holiday statement. Perfect for any place you’re looking to infuse a little holiday cheer.

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