(Fast) Thanksgiving Tabletop Decor From the Garden

(Fast) Thanksgiving Tabletop Decor From the Garden

We love all of the elaborate displays for decorating the Thanksgiving Day dining table that we see on Instagram, but sometimes you just need to keep it simple and fast. We went searching and found a few great ideas that look impressive, but are super easy. No matter how little time you have, there’s an idea here we’re pretty sure you can make happen. Take the picture above–a few branches, some fall leaves, a wonderful garden space. Magic.



(Left) Glue gun, acorns, basket! A fun project for an evening and the results are spectacular. Fill with rosehips, fruits, and a few flowers. Great for a sideboard!

(Above) Hit the thrift store for clear glass cylinders and footed jars that you’ll fill with dried leaves, branches, dried vines, pomegranates, and anything else that’s colorful and speaks to autumn. Love the texture of the twine wrapped around one! We’d do three to five of the same and march them down the table.



(Above) Olive branches (or any branches from conifers to California pepper) laid down the length of a dining table are so simple yet so elegant everyone will ask who’s your designer. Of course, it’s just you and your trusty clippers. Go lavish! (Hose down the foliage and let dry before bringing indoors.) (Right) Fill a dough trough to the max with persimmons or whatever is fresh and fall-ish from your garden or farmer’s market. Add branches and snips of leaves.




Cover the table with craft paper (learn how to make this here) and add bits of fresh greenery (whatever’s handy), candles, and baby white pumpkins.


Grab a pen (and recruit the guest with the best handwriting) and turn a perfect fall leaf into the perfect fall table place card.

Photo Credits:

Lead image;  Acorn Basket (original source unknown); Vases with fillers (original source unknown); Olive runner: Persimmons in bowl; runner with names; Leaf with writing

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