Landscaping Around a Deck: A Lush Garden View

Landscaping Around a Deck: A Lush Garden View

Landscaping Around a Deck: A Lush Garden View
white flowers and black stems on glacier bay hydrangea

Photos by Monrovia: Doreen Wynja

Sarah Wagner of the popular blog and Instagram profile Dreaming of Homemaking knows a thing or two about upgrading a suburban home to its full standout potential. She has shared the progress behind transforming her Washington state residence to be a beautiful, joy-filled space for her family of six.  

Bit by bit, she has worked her magic on spaces in and around her home. This spring, she turned her talents to the landscape surrounding her deck. She has begun chronicling the makeover on her blog to help other gardeners see the process unfold.

(Above) Seaside Serenade® Glacier Bay Hydrangea has brilliant, crisp-white lacecap blooms that bloom on dramatic black stems. This compact rebloomer flowers all summer and into fall. It's perfect for massing in the landscape or for use in containers. Partial shade to partial sun. Up to 3' tall and wide. Zones 4-9.

Her first step was to map out her ideas and visit to find the plants to fulfill her vision. When she was ready to plant, she visited her local independent garden center to pick up her plants. My Garden Nursery in Bellingham, WA had what she needed!

She began by taking out a large shrub that, while healthy and full, blocked the view. The right plant also needs to be in the right place! Instead, she added Seaside Serenade® Glacier Bay Hydrangeas. Since she favors white and soft, light pastels in her garden, the crisp white flowers on this reblooming lacecap variety were the perfect upscale touch. As a compact selection, this one won’t outgrow its home.

She added to the flower show with long-blooming, easy-care Grace N’ Grit™ White Shrub Roses. Since both roses and hydrangeas are deciduous shrubs that will lose their leaves in winter, she added year-round structure with Winter Gem Boxwoods. Fragrant masses of Scent from Heaven™ Angel of Purity dianthus and lavender filled the area with scent that can be enjoyed from the deck above.

Sarah also loves climbing roses, but while she waits for her newly-planted varieties nearby to reach their full potential, she also added Nitty Gritty™ Rose in patio tree form to get the instant height and wow-power she wants around a walkway.

Deck Border Plants in Sarah's Garden

Winter Gem 

An excellent evergreen shrub for small hedges. Among the hardiest of the small-leaved boxwoods, the foliage can acquire a golden bronze hue in cold winter zones but is one of the first to become green again in spring. Partial to full sun. Up to 6' tall and wide. Zones 5-9.

Scent from Heaven™ Angel 
of Purity Dianthus

Masses of frilly white double flowers with exceptional fragrance. The long bloom season and evergreen foliage provide year-round interest. Compact mounds of gray-green foliage and proven performance in both cold and humid climates. Partial to full sun. Up to 8" tall, 12" wide. Zones 5-9.

Grace N' Grit™ 
White Shrub Rose

Upright bouquets of beautiful, fully double, white roses on fuss-free shrubs that endure the trials of a long, hot summer with unwavering blooming zeal. This own-root rose has outstanding disease resistance, is self-cleaning, and has proven to thrive coast to coast in heat and humidity as well as dry, hot summers. Full sun. Up to 5' tall, 4' wide. Zones 4-9.

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