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Create a Garden That Works within Nature

Create a Garden That Works within Nature

Create a Garden That Works within Nature
Garden landscape with an urn, basalt pathways, ornamental grasses, shrubs, and flowers like the Millenium Ornamental Onion.

Okay, who’s about ready to pass out from the painterly, gorgeous garden?!

Rebecca Sams and Buell Steelman of the Eugene, Oregon design firm Mosaic Gardens. They updated the aesthetic of a traditional cottage garden with newer plant varieties. With the addition of a large Vietnamese urn and basalt pathways and more contemporary design concepts. The result is a garden that has the soft feel of a cottage garden but with less maintenance. As well as a much longer peak season and fewer temptation for hungry deer. “When carefully selected and placed, these plants offer a sculptural whimsy that underscores, the romantic classic feel of the garden,” says Rebecca. We could not agree more.

You must click over to see the rest of this truly remarkable, lush, inventive garden. Read the entire story here.

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2018-02-28 01:03:00

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