Untamed Beauty--July in the Garden

Untamed Beauty--July in the Garden

Untamed Beauty–July in the Garden

This beautiful garden so perfectly illustrates the beauty that happens when you do your part–plant, water, feed, mulch– and then let nature do the rest. Sure, there will be weeds here and there, but dense planting does help to keep them at bay. If this rather sensational garden seems way out of reach, just break it down by the parts. As with most grand gardens, it’s not about replicating the entire thing, but more about translating the elements to your own space.
  • Arches are covered in clematis to create a spectacular entry. You could do this.
  • Perennials such as catmint, yarrow, geranium, and delphiniums are allowed to spill onto the pavement (imagine the fragrance when you brush by!) You can do that too.
  • Rhythm is created by repeating the groups of plants all down the walkway. Easy enough.
  • And the color palette is kept super simple–purple and yellow.

Now, take a look at your own yard and perhaps you might just find a way to bring this inspiration to life.

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