Bee a Winner: Pollinator Plant Giveaway

Monrovia Celebrates Bee a Winner Pollinator Plant Giveaway
Garden center participants announce local winners

Azusa, California – Monrovia kicked off Pollinator Week by announcing the prize recipients of the Bee a Winner Pollinator Plant Giveaway. The company partnered with more than 30 garden centers across the country to give away pollinator-attracting plants to local winners.

“Interest in pollinator gardens is booming,” says Katie Tamony, chief marketing officer at Monrovia. “More than 80 percent of consumers we surveyed say they’re interested in pollinator plant collections. We wanted to provide our garden center customers with a way to capitalize on this interest, drive late season traffic, add new subscribers to email lists and grow social media following.”

Garden centers’ future marketing efforts were big winners too. With close to 5,000 entries, nearly 100 percent of those who entered opted in to their local retailer’s list.

Monrovia made it easy for retailers to participate and simple for their customers to enter. Garden centers who placed a minimum order of Monrovia’s pollinator-friendly plants received ten additional 1-gallon plants, for free, to use as customer prizes. The orders included a poster with an entry form QR Code and web address for home gardeners to enter.

Monrovia created easy-to-use “plug-and-post” marketing tools including social media graphics, newsletter, and email copy, press release templates, and web graphics to help retailers promote their individual contests. The grower promoted the Bee a Winner program in its own email and social media efforts, supporting the participating retailers’ creative displays, social posts, and promotions. Monrovia also managed all the entries and chose local winners specific to participating garden centers.

We wanted to participate in the Bee a Winner giveaway to get our customers excited about pollinator plants! Building the display with bright, colorful plants really drew people to the table,” says Mollie Wadsworth, Marketing Manager and Landscape Designer at GreenScapes Garden Center & Landscape.  “Our customers LOVE the display! With healthy, quality plants, it is easy to build beautiful displays that really pop and draw attention to the pollinator plants. We actually had customers who were planning their landscape beds that told us ‘Just give me that whole table.’"

Interested in participating in next year’s Monrovia Bee a Winner giveaway? Contact your Monrovia sales representative for more information.

Local displays pictured above: Sargent’s Nursery in Red Wing, MN, GreenScapes Garden Center & Landscape Co. in Whitesboro, NY and Del’s Garden Center in Spencer, Iowa.




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