Distinctive Selections

Be the first to see next year’s Distinctive Selections. These are the special and most unique varieties sure to be popular with your customers for years to come.

From compact flowering shrubs and hardy evergreen hedges to long-blooming perennials and versatile edible plants, we have a beautiful Distinctive Selection for every landscape.






Since 1926, Monrovia has been an industry leader in the introduction of more beautiful and healthier plants. We call these our Distinctive Selections because they are stronger, more vigorous growers, more versatile and distinct, more beautiful versions of familiar plants.

We partner with leading breeders and plant explorers throughout the world to evaluate the progression of plants, watch for new adaptations and then bring these unique plants to market. 

With our unmatched growing techniques, exclusive custom soil mixes, or our craftsman’s nurturing of plants to ensure they will thrive once planted in the landscape, we are proud to help grow the next generation of plants grow stronger and more beautifully.