Good Bugs

Say hello to your new best friends

About your good bug sachet

At Monrovia, we’ve been pioneers in growing plants responsibly for nearly 100 years. Monrovia’s integrated pest management program relies on beneficial organisms to reduce unwanted pests without relying on pesticides. We’ve had great success using predatory mites on our Mandevilla crops, so much so that we wanted to extend the benefits beyond our nurseries and into your garden.

The sachet on your plant contains a colony of mites that prey on thrips, an unwanted pests common on Mandevilla. These tiny mites will steadily emerge from the sachet over a few weeks and establish a population that will keep pests at bay throughout the growing season.


How to use:

Simply leave the sachet hanging anywhere on your plant, or tuck it into the base of the plant. It can take rainfall, but avoid hitting it with overhead irrigation or your hose. The sachet can be removed after 4 weeks.



Will the mites hurt other insects?

No. Predatory mites have a species-specific diet. They won’t harm other beneficial insects.


I don’t see any mites…

The mites are extremely small: 1/50 of an inch (1/2 millimeter). They can be difficult to spot without magnification and often go unnoticed.


What species of mite are in the sachet?

 Amblyseius cucumeris.


Why are thrips a problem?

Thrips are very small and feed on plants, causing spotting and deformed leaves or buds. Severe infestations can stunt the growth of the plant.


Can I use these indoors?

Yes! Thrips are common pests of houseplants. Beneficial mites are a great option for your indoor garden.