Monrovia® Acquires the Plantt™ Online E-Commerce Garden Center Solution

Azusa, California -- Monrovia is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Plantt™ Online consumer e-commerce store front solution for Garden Centers.

Plantt Online is a state-of-the-art online platform that allows consumers to purchase inhouse inventory at the garden center with a customized unique store front reflecting the store’s personality. Best of all consumers can specify store pickup or home delivery.

“During this time of unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19, this is a significant opportunity for our customers to integrate curbside pickup and home delivery and engage efficiently in e-commerce, which is needed now more than ever,” says Miles Rosedale, CEO of Monrovia.

Monrovia will continue to work with Michael Boese as a strategic advisor to provide the Plantt e-commerce store fronts to garden centers throughout North America. “I’m excited that Monrovia, the best-known, premium plant brand in the industry will be driving the Plantt store front solution,” says Michael Boese, co-founder of Plantt.

“Today more than ever it has become important to have a way to sell online. Plantt store fronts allows a garden center to interact safely with both existing and new customers allowing them to shop from home and protects both the consumer and your staff,” says Jonathan Pedersen, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Monrovia.

The Plantt platform is built on Magento, a well-known e-commerce solution with the added enhancement of point-of-sale integration with Epicor and NCR Counterpoint, two of the most widely used systems in garden centers. The system also offers home delivery via Roadie as a third-party delivery partner with real-time order tracking.

SummerWinds Nursery in Campbell, California, and The Greenery in Turlock, California, are already using Plantt store fronts. “We are pleased that Monrovia has acquired Plantt’s e-commerce platform and will employ Plantt’s talent to continue building upon its customer-friendly online store,” says Frank Benzing, CEO of SummerWinds Nursery. “Today we are seeing the need for a robust online store as vital to our business success and are grateful to the entire Plantt team for their efforts to help us with opportunities to keep customer loyalty during a challenging time for garden centers across the country.”

Monrovia is rolling out Plantt Online to partner garden centers and migrating its current online platform Shop.Monrovia to the Plantt platform.


About Monrovia
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