Harlequin™ Beardtongue

Harlequin Beardtongue

A Monrovia exclusive series, Harlequin™ Penstemon has shown impressive performance. Also known as Beardtongue, tall spikes of colorful, tubular flowers have made Penstemon a favorite for cottage gardens and meadow plantings. The superior growth habit of the Harlequin™ series has taken the versatility of this perennial to a whole new level. Bushy and dense growth forms perfect, rounded mounds that can stand alone, looking attractive in containers or rock gardens, or be massed into an impressive display of color. The summer flowers bloom over an exceptionally long period, starting in early summer and continuing into fall, providing an extended season of nectar for bees and hummingbirds. Deadheading provides even more prolific continued blooming. Disease resistant and thrives in poor, dry soils and full sun, making it a perfect selection for Western regions.