The Art of the Garden Combination

Azusa, California – Spring is here! That means many of us are planning, planting, and dreaming about our 2022 garden. Monrovia is providing inspiring solutions to your spring style challenges with tips for creating perfect plant combinations. Monrovia’s plant hunter, Georgia Clay and trend spotter, Katie Tamony, recently shared fresh color combinations and style ideas for your spring garden. The live webinar, which captured the attention of nearly 1,000 viewers, is now available on-demand on Monrovia’s YouTube channel at:

Here’s a look at the top tips presented by Monrovia’s experts.

Select Plants from a Palette
If you’re looking to elevate the look of your garden, think of plant palette selection as your new rule of three. Choosing a selection of plants that have no more than three bloom colors (including white) or three tones of one color can create a harmonious container or small garden border. “One big trend we’re seeing is that gardeners are drawn to happy, bright colors this season,” says Katie Tamony, Monrovia’s chief marketing officer. “We are all looking for ways to bring more joy into our lives and landscapes. Combinations that evoke positive feelings can lift your mood.” These three plants with pink, purple and yellow blooms offer a cheery combo, while the three shades of yellow offer a more nuanced style with sunny color.

Remember, Foliage is a Color
Color is not just reserved for blooms. Greens and colorful foliage can add drama or soften any garden space. Select either warm or cool tones of green in your foliage to keep the design cohesive. Pair warmer toned foliage with exotic blooms for a tropical look. Showy blooms softened by cool grasses and evergreens can be calming and refined.

Tonal Shades and Blends
“Another design trend we’re seeing is the use of tonal shades and blends to create easy transitions in the landscape,” adds Tamony. “Two of my favorites include the use of softer jewel tones and incorporating metallic silvery-gray foliage for a little spark in the landscape.” A medley of softer blooms and foliage colors can create blurred lines that help transition from one garden space to the next.  Metallic tones draw the eye with dynamic gun-metal blues, fresh silvery hues, and bold burgundy undertones.

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