Wellness in the Garden: Creating Connections with Color

Design tips for plant palettes that are calming, rejuvenating, or energizing

Azusa, California – Gardens are becoming so much more than just beautiful spaces. They’re now a place for socializing, relaxation, or a space to recharge. A recent survey from Monrovia found that more than 35% of homeowners feel that gardening is good for their mental health and well-being. That connection between mental health and gardening is a developing wellness garden trend.


“Nearly 30% of those we surveyed said they strongly believe that gardening allows them to ‘just be,’” says Katie Tamony, chief marketing officer at Monrovia. We are seeing a trend where gardeners are designing spaces that reflect their personal wellness needs. That can be anything from a social space to energize creativity, warm and welcoming outdoor rooms or a calming, private area to escape the noise and stress of everyday life.”

One of the first steps to designing a wellness gardening is choosing the right plant colors. Monrovia is offering a few tips for choosing a color palette to match your wellness needs.


Refreshing and Refined

Interior designers have long relied on green hues to convey relaxation. The Refreshing and Refined palette matches soothing greens with elegant whites to create a cool and calming garden area.


Plant recommendations:

Green Tower® Boxwood

Seaside Serenade® Cape Lookout Hydrangea

Evercolor® Everest Variegated Sedge



If you’re looking to create a happy garden space, the Confetti palette offers cheery colors that lift your mood. Bright pinks, energizing yellows and pops of fresh purple sit on a backdrop of earthy greens.


Plant recommendations:

Supercal® Pink Hybrid Petunia

Evolution™ Embers™ Sparks Coneflower

Emerald Blue Creeping Phlox


Sunny Day

Warm and welcoming colors make you want to linger longer in the garden. The Sunny Day palette does just that, inviting you to settle in for a comforting and connecting stay. Golden yellows, charming chartreuse, warm browns and brighter greens are the perfect combination.


Plant recommendations:

Sunbelievable® Brown Eyed Girl Sunflower

Bowles Golden Sedge

Sunburst™ Spreading Lantana


Looking for more color palette concepts? Download Monrovia’s exclusive Shades of Beautiful guidebook for ideas, insights, and story ideas. Feel free to share it with your readers: https://go.monrovia.com/shades-of-beautiful-guide.



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