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Wine Common Periwinkle

Vinca minor 'Atropurpurea'

A lush, trailing ground cover that thrives in the deepest of shade. Unique deep purple to magenta colored blossoms appear above lustrous green foliage. This evergreen perennial is perfect for planting beneath tree canopies, or cascading over a low wall or container.
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Filtered sun, Full shade, Partial shade

Water when top 2 inches of soil is dry.


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More Information
Botanical PronunciationVING-ka MI-nor at-ro-pur-PUR-ee-uh
LoreDuring the middle ages it was worn by the condemned on their way to execution.
Average Size at MaturityCreates a mat 6 in. tall, spreading 2 to 3 ft. wide.
Bloom TimeSpring
Design IdeasThe luxurious trailing form of this evergreen vine looks fabulous hanging over a low wall or edge of a container. Makes a vigorous groundcover for sheltered locations beneath tree canopies and banks where it will force out weeds. Capable of weaving itself through rocky outcroppings and for covering up mortar at rock waterfalls or pools. Truly romantic addition to sparse old shrub borders and north side foundation planting.
Deciduous/ EvergreenEvergreen
Flower AttributeShowy Flowers
Flower ColorPurple
Foliage ColorGreen
Garden StyleCottage, Mediterranean
Growth RateModerate
Landscape UseBorder, Container, Groundcover
Light NeedsFiltered sun, Full shade, Partial shade
Special FeatureWaterwise, Compact Form
Water NeedsModerate
Watering NeedsWater when top 2 inches of soil is dry.
Companion PlantsJapanese Spurge (Pachysandra); Hosta (Hosta); Lungwort (Pulmonaria); Bleeding Heart (Dicentra); Brunnera (Brunnera)

Highly adaptable; prefers enriched, neutral to slightly acidic, well-drained soil. Takes sun to shade in northern zones; needs shade in hot southern areas. Water regularly the first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system; less often, once established. As a groundcover, space plants 3-5 ft. apart. Control weeds with mulch until plants fill in.

This Plant's Growing Zones: 4-9

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