Frequently Asked Questions

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    Can We Book a Spokesperson from Monrovia to Speak At Our Local Event?

    We welcome the opportunity to personally interact with gardeners and garden clubs across the country and can possible offer a company spokesperson. Please email your event details, including the city, state, date and venue information so that we can determine if we can participate. Please allow one week for a response.

    My Organization is Seeking Plant Donations. What is Your Policy?

    While we offer plant donations to nonprofits and charitable events, our budget is often outmatched by requests. We regret that we cannot provide plants for every school and organization that requests them. If you would like to be considered, please email us details about your organization and/or event.

    Can I Tour Your Nursery?

    Unfortunately, we do not give tours to the general public. Due to safety and trade regulations, we can only give tours to people in the nursery industry. However, our Dayton, Oregon, nursery does offer self-guided tours of the Display Garden. If you are interested, please call 800-666-9321 to schedule an appointment.

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