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Welcome to the Armstrong Monrovia resources page. We want you to feel confident and knowledgeable about selling our plants at your garden center.


We have been pioneers and craftsmen in the art of growing plants for nearly 100 years. Since our founding in Southern California by Harry E. Rosedale, Sr. in 1926, we have been absolutely dedicated and obsessed with quality. 


Quality starts by selecting the very best varieties of plants to grow, working with breeders from around the world to test and trial plants before we deem them suitable for your garden center. From our custom soil mixes developed to ensure healthy roots to the care we take in pruning and shaping our plants as they grow, Monrovia is also focused on giving every plant what it needs to thrive.  Below you’ll find helpful information to use in serving your customer.

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Want to explain our unique approach to soil to a customer?  Have a question about some of our newest selections? These videos can help

Key Plants

Information about the top 10 varieties at your stores:

Emerald Colonnade® Holly

This handsome and versatile male evergreen holly with a natural pyramidal form creates a superb hedge, screen, or windbreak. Dense, glossy, bright green foliage is tolerant of shearing, making it an excellent topiary specimen or formal accent to entryways or gardens. Small cream-colored flowers do not produce berries.

Orange Twist Brush Cherry

Glossy orange foliage on upright, twisting branches creates a unique and colorful year-round display. White, pincushion-like blooms appear in spring, followed by purplish berries. The leaves transform to green with age, as new growth continues to emerge. Great hedging and screening shrub. Use in containers as an artful specimen or clipped topiary.

Fiesta™ Paloma Lantana

Orange and yellow sterile flowers are a festive addition to gardens in warmer areas, or use as an annual where not hardy. Slightly trailing habit is perfect for hanging baskets and containers. Evergreen where hardy.

Summerlasting™ Raspberry Crape Myrtle

Why wait for colorful crape myrtle blooms' Bright pink flowers appear weeks earlier than other dark foliage varieties, and rebloom without the need for deadheading, filling your summer with color that pops in front of black foliage. This compact, dwarf variety is perfect for smaller landscapes, or plant en masse for a dramatic statement.

Bridal Veil® Agapanthus

Clusters of big pure-white flowers are held on shorter stems above wide, strap-like leaves. Both foliage and blooms are densely held, making for a wonderfully compact plant. The smaller size is great for containers or for massing in the front of perennial beds. Evergreen; may go dormant in cooler areas.

Burgundy Queen® Bougainvillea

This showy climber provides a double shot of color with every new flush of growth emerging a dramatic dark burgundy, followed by deep burgundy flower-like bracts. Use for a lush tropical effect on arbors, trellises, and spilling over fences. Evergreen in frost-free regions; can be used in colder climates as a summer annual for patio containers and hanging baskets.

Flame Thrower® Redbud

Light-pink spring flowers are followed by an ever-changing display of colorful foliage that continues all the way to fall. New foliage emerges burgundy, fades to yellow, and matures to green. Branches display all the colors at once for a stunning effect. A wonderful landscape specimen. Deciduous.

Celebrations™ Mardi Gras Kangaroo Paw

This tough, durable, drought-resistant perennial provides vibrant color unlike any other with clusters of fuzzy flowers in purple and peacock-blue. An excellent, long-lasting cut flower. Great for adding color and texture to borders and containers. Evergreen

Beelicious® Purple Agastache

Rich, purple flower spikes are held high atop the well-branched, upright form with bright green, mint-scented foliage. This vibrant, waterwise bloomer is striking in sunny borders, mixed beds and containers. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies but often ignored by deer. Drought tolerant once established. An herbaceous perennial.



Frequently Asked Care Questions

Head over to our knowledge base to get detailed answers on the most asked plant care questions.