10 Stunners to Plant NOW

10 Stunners to Plant NOW

From us to you, a sneak peek at what’s coming to a garden centers just in time for early summer planting. Vines, shrubs, roses, shade-lovers and all sorts of wonderful plants ideal for containers. Here’s the start of your shopping list! Find a garden center near you.


Royal Trumpet Vine

Got a wall (fence, arbor) that you need to cover fast, and also want it to be spectacular? This tall, clinging super-flowery vine shows color when other vines start to fade. Reaches up to 30 ft. tall; Zones: 10 – 11


Pink Flowering Maple

Abutilon is one of those plants that had its moment and is now back and more popular than ever. Why? Because when you want a shrub that flowers with a vengeance in shade, this is it. Also good in containers. Reaches up to 12 ft. tall; Zones: 9 – 11


Star Jasmine

This is “that” memorably-fragrant vine currently scenting summery gardens. Let it climb on posts, walls or trellises near a patio, terrace or entry, or allow to trail along as a groundcover. A superb summer container plant for colder regions. Reaches up to 20 ft. tall; Zones: 8 – 10


BrazelBerries® Raspberry Shortcake™ 

If you haven’t planted one of these dwarf, thornless, berry-bearing wonders in a pot on the patio, what are you waiting for? Get an abundant crop of large, sweet berries in mid-summer on a plant that require no staking. Reaches up to 3 ft. tall; Zones: 4 – 9


Flamingo Dappled Willow

Even the most carefully sequenced borders have lulls in flowering; that’s when you’re grateful for plants with colorful foliage that keep it interesting (oh, and shiny red stems in winter).  Reaches up to 10 ft. tall; Zone : 4 – 10


Sweet Spot™ Peach Rose

Have a container that needs something pretty that you won’t have to fuss with from spring right into fall? This one’s from a new series of compact shrub roses with good disease resistance and drought tolerance. Reaches up to 20 in. tall; Zones: 5 – 10


Enterprise Hosta

Once those camellias and azaleas fade, you need something to light-up the shade garden and few plants do that like variegated-leafed hostas. This one sends up delicate lavender flowers mid-summer. Reaches up to 3 ft. tall; Zones: 3 – 8


Baby Pete™ Lily Of The Nile

We love agapanthus because they have a shape (frothy ball on a tall stem) that makes them so useful in the garden. This one’s a compact cutie, perfect for pots or smaller gardens. Flower stalks reach up to 22 in. tall; Zones: 8 – 11


Bushy Blue Bell Clematis

Yes, it’s blue. That most elusive of garden hues. And, it’s different from other clematis as it has a bushy, non-climbing habit. Low growing but sprawls to 3 ft. wide; makes a very special, showy groundcover for all-summer bloom. Zones: 3 – 10


Austral Gem™ Bird’s Nest Fern

An “indoor” plant that’s also a perfect porch plant. Enjoy in a sunny window all winter and bring outdoors in the summer. Or, in warmer zones, plant in a shady spot for a volume of lovely foliage. Reaches up to 2 ft. tall; Zones: 9 – 11

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