5 Fast Ways to Decorate with Pomegranates

5 Fast Ways to Decorate with Pomegranates

Due to their rich ruby hue, pomegranates are used for winter holiday decor. That’s great, but in many parts of the country they speak to the fall harvest, too. Mixed with ghost pumpkins or snuggled up to Cinderella types, they add a romantic, almost Renaissance quality to a tabletop display. And, their shape and size means just a few of these curvy fruits go a long way.

So, we went looking and found these five really lovely ways use this fall fruit for decoration.

How simple and just elegant is this? Pile pomegranates into a bowl with a natural vibe and then drape with some sort of berries branches right off the tree (this is unripened California pepperberry but any berry would do). Maybe twine in a strand of battery operated fairy lights?


Is there anything more lovely than a clipped-from-the-garden arrangement? Dahlias, pomegranates, and a few autumn leaves. Can’t find pomegranates with stems intact? Wire them.


The smooth texture of a pomegranate makes it easy to write legibly with a gold pen for a done-in-five place setting that’s Martha Stewart ready. Guests can take home and use the seeds in a salad!


Okay, even the most craft-challenged of us can master this one (points finger at self). You probably already have the vase or something like it. Pile pomegranates between berries branches.


We love a decorating idea that’s more “falliday” than “holiday”! Pomegranates, cinnamon stick bundles, and pinecones in a low woven basket. Done. See you in January when we replace with oranges!

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