Anatomy Lesson: Planning for Late Fall's Frost

Anatomy Lesson: Planning for Late Fall's Frost

Frost has a way with plants.

While it’s true that a blast of frost spells the end of the season for herbaceous perennials (and the end of the line for annuals or other tender plants), it makes up for what it takes by what it gives. Frost makes greens greener, silvers more silvery, and adds an almost neon effect to oranges and reds. But to take advantage of this autumn blessing, you need to plan ahead.

Adding plants such as these conifers, dogwoods, and grasses, each of which captures frost, to your landscape ensures you’ll have something to look at between the glory of fall foliage and the glittery glam of a coat of snow.

Remember that in design, the eye travels to where you tell it to go by your use of color, form, and texture. Create a few spots in your garden where you can fully appreciate the effect of a good frost.

Top Image: GAP Photos/Richard Bloom/Bressingham Gardens