Hang on! Fill our new hanging baskets with a variety of plants.

Hang on! Fill our new hanging baskets with a variety of plants.

Hang on! Fill our new hanging baskets with a variety of plants.
Close-up of a hanging basket of pink, purple, yellow, and white flowers.

We've always loved the graceful effect of hanging planters. When suspended beautifully, they fill spaces on porches, patios, and at the front door. So, this year, we’ve launched a collection of our own, called “Beauty Queen.”

What makes ours different? We grow them in a larger and deeper container that holds more soil. More volume of soil means that your plants are able to create bigger roots and an overall larger root system. That extra amount of soil means your containers will not dry out as fast as those that are more shallow. Therefore, your beautiful plants stay healthy and beautiful longer.

Look for the Beauty Queen line of hanging baskets at your local Lowe’s store. Selections will vary from store to store, but here are just three examples of what you might find.

And remember, with hanging baskets, math matters! One is nice but 3 or more really bring a porch or patio to life!


Lantana is a heat-loving beauty from South America that is a perfect solution for the hottest, sunniest situations. And, it’s love by butterflies!


Pelargoniums (often misnamed “geraniums”) are an ideal solution for places that get 4 – 6 hours of sunlight a day. Morning sun is best.

Million Bells (Calibrachoa)

Million Bells (Calibrachoa) loves full sun and is best for places that get plenty of it. Use where you want long trailing stems that cascade.




  • Soil volume matters. Buy the largest sized basket available. If already planted, look for one that’s deep as well as wide.
  • Feed after the first full flush of flowers with a time release fertilizer. Be sure to water very well before applying.
  • Weekly feedings of a water soluble fertilizer at 1/4 strength such as compost tea or fish emulsion gives plants a boost.
  • Plan on watering daily (even twice a day) during the heat of summer
  • Pinch off spent blooms to encourage more flowers.

Wondering how to use hanging flower baskets that you buy or DIY?

Here’s an idea for using a group of baskets hung at staggered height to create a privacy screen. Use as many as you need to fill your space.

All of the how-to’s can be found HERE.

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2019-05-08 12:38:00

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