Trending: Winter White, Achieve this Color Even in Warmer Zones

Trending: Winter White, Achieve this Color Even in Warmer Zones

Trending: Winter White, Achieve this Color Even in Warmer Zones
Close-up of Itsy Bitsy White False Heather flowers.

No snow to coat the garden white? No worries. We’ve got eight plants for warmer zones that bloom in shades of white from late fall through late winter.


Alaska Azalea

A late winter bloomer (in the fallow time between camellias and roses) with snow-white blooms. It's set off by a distinctive chartreuse blotch on throats. Tall and wide; makes a great hedge or screen, or fills a large container. Filtered to partial sun. Zone: 9 – 11


Pewter Pillar® Winter’s Bark

Discovered by plant explorer Dan Hinkley. This large evergreen shrub or small tree has a handsome silvery-white reverse to the glossy-green foliage. Large clusters of white flowers in late-winter. Partial to full sun. Zone: 7 – 10


Carolina Moonlight™ Fringe Flower

Beautifully compact, dense variety with stunning creamy white, fringe-like flowers in late winter and early spring. Placed against thick, sage green foliage. Ideal for a dramatic hedge. Deer resistant, too! Slow, but will reach up to 6 ft. tall and wide. Partial shade to full sun. Zone: 7 – 9


River Nymph™ Lily of the Valley Shrub

Improved variety with huge clusters of showy buds are on display through late winter, opening to pristine white, bell-shaped flowers. Reaching up to 5 ft. tall, is ideal for shady foundations or tall borders. Partial sun. Zone: 6 – 8


Double Fantasy Christmas Rose

Beautiful, semi-double blooms on tall stems. Containing ruffled white petals and a circle of gold stamens from late winter to early spring – truly magical! Fuss-free, deer and rabbit resistant. Full shade to partial sun. Zone: 3 – 9


White Fragrant Himalayan Champaca

For only the warmest of zones, but if you’ve got the right place, this is a truly memorable small tree. Legendary fragrance from blooms that come on mid-winter to early spring. Slow-growing, primarily used as a natural hedge or screen. Full sun. Zone: 10 – 11


Camouflage™ Variegated Japanese Aralia

You'll grow it for the melding of yellow, lime, green foliage, but get a winter bonus of white flower clusters. A must-have for full shade to filtered sun spots where you need an illuminating effect. Zone: 7 – 10


Lady in White Scotch Heather

Spikes of pure white buds appear in late summer, lasting through late winter. Easy-care, hardy and deer resistant. Great for patio pots, garden borders, or as a colorful potted houseplant. Full sun. Zone: 5 – 8

Itsy Bitsy® White False Heather (top) Small, ground-hugging evergreen shrub formed by masses of relaxed twiggy branches. And holding tiny, glossy bright green leaves. Nearly continuous bloom in the mild winter climates. Rock gardens, accents in borders, or filling containers. Full sun. Zone: 9 – 11

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