5 Fresh and Exciting Fall Bloomers (Zone: 8 - 11)

5 Fresh and Exciting Fall Bloomers (Zone: 8 - 11)

True that warmer zones do not get the calendar-image, brilliant fall colors of chillier ones. What they do get is a full-on show of exotic, flowery, and altogether mesmerizing plants. Here are five that will light up your autumn garden.

(Please visit the companion post that covers zones 4 –7 as zones often overlap.)

Kaleidoscope Abelia

Look at that foliage! Red stems and sweet white flowers, too. Wonderful low hedge. Partial to full sun. Zone: 6 – 9


Bird of Paradise

It tends to be a big, green strappy placeholder all year and then in fall, wow, those blooms! Unique, large, bird-like, orange, blue and white flower heads through winter. Wonderful in containers and around the pool. Architectural cut flower, too. Partial to full sun. Zone: 9 – 11


Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Colder zones only wish they had a dramatic tree that drips with large, exotic-looking pink blossoms for five months during the winter season. Well-sized for lawns but also does well in large containers. If you have the space…! Zone: 9 – 11


Magnificent Brunfelsia

If you don’t have this one, you’re missing a real treat. Very large, sweet-smelling,violet-purple blooms lasting four to five days appear nearly year-round, with a heavy flush in fall. Plant near home, deck or patio to enjoy the flowers and fragrance! Zone: 9 – 11


La Barbe Bleue™ Bluebeard

Fragrant and shiny yellow foliage glows throughout summer, but the real thrill comes in fall when flower spikes come into bloom providing a rich contrast. Add snipped stems to vases of autumn leaves. Full sun. Zone: 5 – 9

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