Garden Style Trends and Colors to Track

Garden Style Trends and Colors to Track

Garden Style Trends and Colors to Track
on-trend peach rose flowers

Photos by Monrovia: Doreen Wynja

The nature of all things, including our gardens, is to change. Our aesthetic preferences and style choices are ever-evolving, as well.  The garden is the perfect place to express our style, tap into our creativity, and shape our surroundings in a way that speaks to our soul.

Sometimes a little help is needed to fully form and understand our personal style and preferences. Katie Tamony, Monrovia's own garden trend-spotter, is here to help. 

(Above) A charming little rose with blooms in the on-trend color of peach, Itsy Bitsy® Peach Miniature Rose blooms abundantly all season.  Has exceptional resistance to mildew and rust. Full sun. Up to 18" tall, 24" wide. Zones 5-9.

With her finger constantly on the pulse of the garden industry, Katie tracks the trends that seem to be sticking around and making the biggest impact. Here, she walks us through the most enduring trends to track. 

Below, you'll find Katie's top three garden-style trends, top trending garden project, and trending colors. These trends offer inspiration and direction for our ever-evolving garden style preferences. If you find something that inspires you, we're here to support your creative garden journey with resources in every section. 

Join us on a journey through the garden trends that are here to stay, inspiring us to create a landscape that resonates with soul, style, and substance.

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Top 3 Garden Trends to Track

1. The Garden of Nostalgia and Romance

(Above) This romantic garden features a gravel pathway lined by  Japanese mapleLimelight hydrangea, and a border of sedge. Design by James Farmer. Photo by Emily Followill. See the full story here

The classics are back! The resurgence of classic flowers is a delightful trend in the world of gardening. Roses, hydrangeas, peonies, and other traditional flowering shrubs are currently experiencing renewed popularity.

These timeless blooms, known for their large and beautiful flowers, evoke a sense of simplicity and nostalgia, connecting gardeners to cherished memories with family and friends. Described as part of the larger trend called the "Garden of Romance," this return to nostalgic plants combines a connection to the past with a desire for attractive, low-maintenance elegance. 

According to Katie, modern breeding is enhancing these traditional plants, making them easier to grow and providing more blooms than ever before.  Katie says, “The connection to the past is merging with the need for attractive, low-maintenance elegance. Think big, beautiful blooms, softer colors, and a return to romance in the garden. Modern breeding is making these traditional plants even better for gardeners. They are easier to grow and provide more blooms than shrubs of the past.” 

Resources for Creating Your Nostalgic and Romantic Garden

Get the Look with These Plants

Seaside Serenade® 
Kitty Hawk Hydrangea

A showy rebloomer with clusters of unique star-shaped flowers that has been creating a lot of buzz before hitting the market. Blooms start light green before blushing to pink in alkaline soils, or purple to blue in acidic soils. Thick, dark green leaves don't wilt in afternoon heat. Partial shade or sun. Up to 4' tall and wide. Zones 5-9.

Bridal Veil® 

Lots of bright, beautiful blooms in a compact habit. The billowy white flowers cover strong stems that reach only about a foot high. This agapanthus is perfect for mass planting or in containers. Part to full sun. Up to 1' tall and wide. Zones 7-11, grow as an annual in cooler climates.

Heavenly Ascent® Pink 
Climbing Rose

This modern, fragrant climbing rose brings a classic romantic look to your landscape. It's a smaller climber with fragrant, creamy-pink blooms. This continuous blooming rose is a must-have for gardeners who are drawn to the nostalgia and romance design trend. Full sun. Up to 8' tall with support. Zones 5-9.

2. The Garden of Relaxation

(Above) A comfy hammock is tucked into a landscape full of lush fernsJapanese maplesmagnolias, and even strawberries. Design by Christian Douglas, photo by Adam Potts

More and more people are discovering the calming effect of gardening. The myriad benefits of gardening include nature's positive impact on well-being and the tranquil effects of spending time in a garden. This awareness is shaping garden design, giving rise to a trend Katie refers to as "Upscale Relaxation."

"Focusing on personal health has become a status symbol," notes Katie. "We all aspire to create a serene, private oasis that shields us from the chaos of daily life. Plants serve as the perfect design element for these tranquil retreats."

The Garden of Relaxation design aims to emulate a vacation-like ambiance, akin to an upscale hotel or spa, featuring lush plants and sophisticated, comfortable furniture for a restful and rejuvenating atmosphere.

The intentional combination of broad-leaved and fine-textured foliage plants instills a sense of calm in the space. Katie observes a trend of bringing larger houseplants outdoors for instant impact, using grasses for movement, incorporating vines for vertical interest, and indulging in a 'must-have' plant for personal joy. The color palette leans towards muted tones, with a few vibrant flowers strategically placed to captivate the eye.

Resources for Crafting Your Personal Retreat

Get the Look with These Plants

Coral Bark 
Japanese Maple

A stunning tree with vibrant red-coral bark on young branches and intricately lobed, pale-green leaves featuring red margins. Flourishing in dappled shade within warmer regions or thriving in full sun in cooler zones. Filtered to full sun. Up to 25' tall and 20' wide. Zones 5-8.

Jurassic™ Stegosaurus
Holly Fern

Grown from spore collected by plantsman Dan Hinkley in Hubei Province at 6,000 feet elevation, this hardy evergreen fern provides bold texture with holly-like fronds and large leaflets. Full to part shade. Up to 24" tall and wide. Zones 6-9.

Jurassic™ T-Rex
Wood Fern

Tall, erect fronds exhibiting a range of hues from dark to light green create a striking vertical cluster, making a bold and textured statement in shaded gardens. Partial to full shade. Up to 36" tall and wide. Zones 5-8.

3. The Garden of Abundance

(Above) Coral-pink agastache, purple-pink liatris, and fuschia-pink daylily create a lively pollinator planting in a simple color palette.

For many gardeners, the primary goal of growing a garden is to cultivate a vibrant space teeming with life. We intentionally choose plants that will draw in butterflies, bees, and birds. The process of establishing a pollinator-friendly garden deepens our connection to nature and expands our bond with the garden.

"Interest in pollinators is part of a growing trend we call 'The Garden of Abundance,'" explains Katie. "This trend extends beyond just attracting pollinators. There's a heightened focus on soil health, environmental stewardship, and crafting a space reminiscent of our very own Garden of Eden."

With this trend, there are fewer rules, as wilder landscapes and meadow-like designs gain popularity. We're inviting pollinators into the garden with plants that provide nourishment and structure. However, it's not solely about attracting bees; we're also enhancing the garden's productivity by interspersing edibles amidst shrubs and perennials.

"An abundant garden not only attracts pollinators but also beckons people into the space," notes Katie. "Edible perennials, trees, and herbs like figs, blueberries, and rosemary not only offer visually pleasing foliage and texture but also serve as a food source."

An abundant garden thrives on biodiversity. It's an excellent opportunity to learn about climate-appropriate plants and their various benefits," she adds. "A diverse mix of plants, including true native varieties alongside other climate-appropriate cultivars and non-native plants, creates a beautiful space that attracts birds, bees, and butterflies."

Resources for Creating Your Own Garden of Abundance

Plants to Get this Look

Evolution™ Colorific™ 

Each bloom boasts an enchanting green cone, encased within a dense array of pink-hued petals. The backdrop of lush foliage and sturdy, upright stems sets the stage for a continuous cascade of blooms from late spring to fall, adding beauty to beds, borders, and containers alike. Full sun. Up to 20" tall, 18" wide. Zones 4-9.

Kudos Coral
Dwarf Agastache

A carefree, drought-tolerant perennial with prolific coral-pink flower spikes that attract hummingbirds. This compact hybrid has increased hardiness, improved disease resistance, and will tolerate wet, cold soils. Up to 20" tall, 16" wide. Zones 5-10.

La Barbe 
Bleue™ Bluebeard

Fragrant shiny yellow foliage adds a warm glow to the summer landscape. An abundance of deep blue flower spikes provides a rich contrast to the foliage in summer and early fall. The neat and compact habit makes it a great container plant and garden specimen. Full sun. p to 3' tall and wide. Zones 5-9.

Trending Garden Project: Front Yards and Entryways

(Above) This layered and lush front yard includes  Evolution™ Fiesta Coneflowers, the cool purple of  French Lavender, and sweeps of Japanese forest grass.

Interest in front yard garden projects is spiking. Katie explains, "With interest rates high, people are staying put and improving their current homes. During the pandemic, many people invested in the backyard spaces where they spent more time. Now their attention is moving to the front yard. For front yards, we are seeing interest that goes beyond just increasing curb appeal. Homeowners may be looking to take out lawns, create a more water-wise landscape, increase outdoor living space, or just give the area a more modern feel.”

Resources for Front Yard Projects

  • Design lessons: Get curb appeal tips from the pros.
  • Front yard plant choices: Not sure which shrubs to choose for your front yard project? See our list of top flowering shrubs for the front yard. 
  • Free landscape plans and design help: Get landscape plans, flexible design formulas, and plant lists in the Front Yard Design digital guide.

Favorite Shrubs for Front Yards

Seaside Serenade® 
Newport Hydrangea

A showy rebloomer with a profusion of full mophead flower clusters that mature to a deep pink on very sturdy stems. Outstanding in cut flower arrangements. Bloom color changes with soil pH, more blue-violet in acidic soils, deeper pink in alkaline soils. Zones 4-9.

Blue Holly

The only true dwarf female blue holly. Forms a compact, rounded shrub with lovely glossy green foliage. When planted near a male blue holly, it bears an impressive amount of red berries in fall, holding into winter. Works perfectly as a low hedge or a foundation planting.  Part to full sun. Up to 3' tall and wide. Zones 5-9.

Provence French 

A highly fragrant evergreen shrub with gray-green foliage and abundant purple flower spikes. A wonderful addition to dry, sunny borders and gardens. Useful as hedge or edging in herb gardens. Full sun. Up to 2' tall and wide. Zones 5-9.


Trending Garden Colors: Peaches and Pinks

Traditionally feminine colors like peach and pink are having a moment.

Every year, designers, fashion lovers, trend spotters, and style icons eagerly await PANTONE®'s Color of the Year announcement. At Monrovia, we're always paying attention, and every year we create an exclusive PANTONE plant palette for our annual Shades of Beautiful color guide.

The 2024 color, Peach Fuzz, has us more excited than ever, as we are seeing similar colors trending in the garden world. PANTONE's Peach Fuzz reflects a trending hue in plant breeding— a pastel pinkish-orange that exudes romance, surprise, and versatility. Make sure you get your copy of the latest Shades of Beautiful Guide to see our PANTONE Peach Fuzz plant palette. 

It's also hard to miss the resurgence of pink in fashion and garden trends. Perhaps driven by the mega-hit Barbie movie, we're seeing gardeners choosing pink blooms over other colors this season. Pink roses, hydrangeas, and coneflowers were all big winners when we asked gardeners to choose their favorite colored blooms. 

Resources for Using Color in the Garden

Favorite Peach Flowers

Nitty Gritty™ 
Peach Rose

This very durable, own-root, fuss-free groundcover rose produces an abundance of lovely peach double blooms while offering excellent disease resistance and a self-cleaning, easy-to-care-for habit.  Full sun. Up to 3' tall, 4' wide. Zones 4-9. 

Fresco® Apricot 

Loved by pollinators, with tall, slender stems and large, frilly double flowers from summer through fall. Its tall and narrow habit makes it an ideal addition to perennial borders, seamlessly blending with other flowering perennials and ornamental grasses. Full sun. Up to 23" tall, 20" wide. Zones 4-9.

Alan's Apricot 
Ice Plant

This hardy succulent is perfect for higher elevations and more northerly areas of the western US. An excellent, waterwise, flowering groundcover, with soft shades of pink, yellow, and apricot. A 2016 Plant Select® Winner. Full sun. Up to 2" tall, 15" wide. Zones 4-10.

Favorite Pink Flowers

Evolution™ Colorific™ 

A captivating green cone, mirroring the color of leaves, at the heart of each flower, surrounded by dense petals in delightful shades of pink. Robust foliage and upright stems provide an elegant backdrop for a consistent burst of blooms, lasting from late spring to fall. Full sun. Up to 20" tall, 18" wide. Zones 4-9.

Seaside Serenade® 
Hamptons Hydrangea

Huge, ball-shaped blooms with thick, intense pink florets on amazingly tough stems. The naturally compact shape has robust, dark green, leathery foliage with a fantastic maroon color in spring and fiery cinnamon-red in fall. Resists scorch, even if watering is missed on a hot day! Part shade to part sun. Up to 4' tall, 3' wide. Zones 4-9.

Grace N' Grit™ Pink 
BiColor Shrub Rose

Stunning bouquets of pink and white bicolor roses on a fuss-free shrub that will endure the trials of a long, hot summer with unwavering blooming zeal. An outstanding, disease-resistant, own-root, self-cleaning rose that thrives coast to coast in heat and humidity as well as dry, hot summers. Zones 4-9.

Get more garden design inpiration with these resources:

Free Digital Design Guides:


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