(Zones 4 - 7) Add glowing golden foliage to the garden

(Zones 4 - 7) Add glowing golden foliage to the garden

Golden-yellow leafed plants brighten the landscape, imbuing spaces with either a radiant luminosity or a splash of instant sunshine, depending on the hue. Ranging from chartreuse to molten, they have a complexity that adds depth and contrast while meshing companionably with other colors. While it can be true that a little of this color goes a long way, experiment with a few of these that add the Midas touch to your garden.

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Magic Carpet Spirea

Clusters of small pink flowers contrast with bright gold mature foliage that turns rich russet red in fall. Use to brighten and fill in beds and borders. Full sun.


Golden Hinoki False Cypress

Sprays of feathery bright golden-yellow foliage distinguish this tall conifer noted for exceptional winter color. Great for a fast-growing screen. Partial to full sun.


Golden Prince® Wintercreeper

Colorful evergreen shrub, its new foliage brightly edged in golden-yellow before maturing to green. Perfect for a zesty low hedge. Full sun.


Autumn Gold Maidenhair Tree

Unique, fruitless, male ginkgo with fan-shaped green foliage that turns brilliant gold in fall. Slow-growing; exceptional shade tree with age. Easy care. Full sun.


Golden Nugget™ Dwarf Japanese Barberry

Radiant, non-burning foliage with a golden-orange cast most of the season. Compact form; adds punch to low borders. Full sun.


Golden Japanese Forest Grass

Foliage emerges in spring, with slender stems holding bright yellow leaves with thin green stripes. Useful as a groundcover or in a pot. Partial sun.


Sparkler® Colorado Blue Spruce

Heralds spring with bright yellow-gold new growth in stunning contrast to the mature blue-green foliage. Ideal for accent, windbreak or screen. Full sun.


Vicary Golden Privet

Unusual, golden-hued deciduous privet is beautifully colored both during the growing season and in the fall when it takes on a fiery tint. Ideal for tall hedge. Full sun.


Golden Feather Arborvitae

Large, tall, evergreen upright shrub with golden yellow foliage provides multi-season interest for an easy-care, colorful hedge. Partial to full sun.


Autumn Moon Fullmoon Maple

New growth unfurls yellow to burnt orange; fall foliage displays shades of gold to red. Right sized for small gardens with limited space. Partial to full sun.

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