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Close-up of Pearl Maxwell Camellia flowers.
Six Ways to Design with Camellias in Your Garden
Close-up of Winter Jewels Black Diamond Hellebore Plant.
Hellebore Care 101: How to grow the harbingers of spring
Landscape filled with variety of green shrubs and flowers on either side of a path. Plants included are listed on this post.
How to create a peaceful retreat with rhythm and repetition
Close-up of Crape Myrtle bark in front of European Ostrich Ferns.
Grow Crape Myrtle for winter interest (they’re more than just a pretty bloomer)
Close-up of the La Barbe Bleue Bluebeard flowers
Five new (easy care) beauties for 2021
edible landscape design with kitchen garden in raised beds next to a pool
Elevated Edible Landscape Design: Lessons from an expert
a line of evergreen petite pillar boxwoods
Evergreen Shrubs for Landscaping: A Comprehensive Guide
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