A Garden for a Growing Family: An abundance of fun, fruit, and family time

A Garden for a Growing Family: An abundance of fun, fruit, and family time

A Garden for a Growing Family: An abundance of fun, fruit, and family time
woman standing with purple hydrangea in green monrovia pot in her hands

Ashley at The Gold Hive is a new mom and a budding gardener. Plus, she's an old hand at renovating her historic bungalow in sunny San Diego, CA (Zone 10). Equally interested in home improvements, sustainable living, and efficient home design. She reached out to us for plant ideas to make her garden design come to life. 

Her vision called for a place where everyone could be nourished, body and soul. She wanted her daughter to find a rich landscape of sensory experiences. For the adults, a place to unwind with friends was key. And for the whole family, she wanted to provide fresh, home-grown fruits and veggies. She knew that pollinators were key to an abundant garden. She wanted to provide them with ample flowers and habitat in return.

Monrovia’s extensive collection of ornamental and edible plants gave her a full plant palette to play with.

Here’s what she selected to create her family’s earth-friendly garden of abundance:  

Kiwi Magic™ Hardy
Kiwi Combination

“Space is at a premium in my backyard, but I knew fruiting vines would let me make the most of every inch. This combo has a male and female vine for cross pollination.” 

Zones 4-8 

Wiri BlushHebe

“I’m not sure who will enjoy the flowers on this shrub more – me or the butterflies!” 

Zones 7-11 

SunBelievable® Brown
Eyed Girl Sunflower 

“This sunny, happy flower seemed perfect to plant around our play area. This may even overwinter for me but it’s an annual in most areas.” 

Zones 10-11

Seaside Serenade® Newport Hydrangea 

“Most of my backyard is sunny, but the shady corner where I sit to watch my daughter play is perfect for one of my favorite blooms, hydrangeas.” 

Zones 4-9 

Javelin™ Compact
Purple Lavender

“Fragrant lavender is waterwise and pollinator-friendly, and this new, compact one fits perfectly along my walkway. Aromatherapy with every step!” 

Zones 7-9 


“I needed a good shrub to soften the back fence line. Love that this one is colorful and heat tolerant. Nice fragrant leaves when you crush them, too!” 

Zones 8-10 

Colorburst™ Yellow
Cape Fuchsia 

“This is a great color match with the SunBelievable® Sunflowers but has a totally different flower shape that hummingbirds love.” 

Zones 6-10 

Santa Rosa

“I grew up with a plum tree next door to my childhood home and remember eating buckets of the fruit during summer. I'm looking forward to my family (and neighbors!) enjoying plums, too.” 

Zones 5-9 

Giga® Pink

“This one is going to bring in the butterflies, and it’s so fun for Margot to watch the flower heads bounce on their long stems.” 

Zones 4-9  

Joey Improved Ptilotus 

“This is one I’d never seen before but had to get it when I heard how heat and drought tolerant it was. Plus, the cuteness!” 

Zones 10-11 

Bountiful™ Blue Blueberry 

“So excited—a heat tolerant blueberry! Can’t wait to harvest these for breakfast (or just snack through outdoor playtime)."  

Zones 6-10 

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