Grow Gifts: Perfect plants for the people you love

Grow Gifts: Perfect plants for the people you love

Spread more holiday cheer with these beautiful plants that can move from indoors to outdoors and in again, year after year. Every plant is perfect for both new and wise gardeners, plus the not-yet-a-gardeners in your life. They’re also a comforting, thoughtful way to honor teachers, neighbors, and your favorite essential workers this year.

While you’re spreading the holiday cheer, there’s no harm in showing yourself a little extra love this holiday season with a plant that’s sure to please for seasons to come.

Gift yourself or a loved one Rosemary. Beautiful, aromatic, and savory, use the herb in cooking, home keeping, beauty care, and so much more. Discover 8 things you didn’t know you could do with Rosemary.

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6 beautiful plants for holiday giving


Little Ragu® Sweet Bay

A cook’s dream with edible, aromatic, deep green foliage thrives in your indoor/outdoor container. Clip and cook with fresh or dried leaves for classically savory flavor in stocks and soup. Evergreen. Zone 8 – 11.

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Christmas Carol Aloe

An inspired alternative to the Christmas Cactus, this festive, saw-toothed red and green foliage grows well indoors in cold climates, outdoors as an accent in frost-free zones. Evergreen. Zone 9 – 11.

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Tuscan Blue Rosemary

Rosemary (for remembrance) is superb as a culinary herb, in tea, and in potpourri. Shape it as topiary or go au natural in an indoor/outdoor container. Evergreen. Zone 8 – 11.

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Miniature Gardenia (Grafted)

Petite white flowers sing with scent atop glossy, fine foliage. As with all grafted Gardenias, superior rootstock gives this beauty some brawn and strong resistance to nematodes. Evergreen. Zone 8 – 11.

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Fragrant Sweet Box

Phenomenally fragrant early spring blooms. Plant in full shade under an open window or by a patio. Blooms are followed by bright red ornamental fruit. A natural espalier against a wall. Evergreen. Zone 7 – 9.

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Winged Phoenix™ Hardy Schefflera

This living sculpture is perfect for container gardening. In colder climates, enjoy it on a dappled shade patio in warm weather, then overwinter indoors in a bright location without direct sun. Evergreen. Zone 7 – 10.

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