Texture Keeps the Winter Garden Interesting (Zone: 3 - 7)

Texture Keeps the Winter Garden Interesting (Zone: 3 - 7)

Whether coated by frost or under a few feet of snow, the winter garden can (almost) rival the beauty of summer’s rich tapestry of flowers, flora, and fruits. The trick is to use plants with sculptural forms and standout features that are actually made BETTER by all that winter can throw at them.

In this garden, a stand of small birch trees (these are Betula apoiensis ‘Mount Apoi’ , but you can get the same impact with the variety to which we’ve pinned an icon) are silhouetted against the red stems of dogwood shrubs, a variety of dwarf conifers, and for the wow factor, a stand of winter heath. Looks great now, but even when it’s January, the colors and shapes will still be spectacular.

Add any one (or two) of these kinds of plants to existing beds and borders and you’ll have garden bragging rights every winter.

Image: GAP Photos/Richard Bloom, The Winter Garden, The Bressingham Gardens, Norfolk

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