Best Problem-Solving Small Trees for Small Spaces (Zones 4 - 8)

Best Problem-Solving Small Trees for Small Spaces (Zones 4 - 8)

Best Problem-Solving Small Trees for Small Spaces (Zones 4 - 8)
Snow Fountains Weeping Cherry tree with a brown spiky plant below in a garden landscape.

Photos by Monrovia: Doreen Wynja

A small tree is an indispensable part of beautiful landscape design. As the focal point and anchor of the garden, it's important to choose wisely. We'll help you make the right choice for your space. With a detailed selection of our favorite choices for Zones 4-7 right here. Find the best small flowering trees, conifers, and small trees with unique foliage below.

These spectacular specimens top out at no taller than 25' when fully mature. They're perfect for providing a beautiful anchor and dynamic visual interest in even the most compact garden space.

Find the perfect small trees for Zones 7-11 here.

Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry

(above) Naturally weeping branches are covered with showy, snow-white spring flowers followed by red berries in summer. Very disease and insect-resistant. A beautiful, compact, small-yard tree. Deciduous. Reaches up to 15 ft. tall and 8 ft. wide. Zones 4–8.

Favorite Flowering Small Trees for Zones 4-8

Prairifire Crabapple

An outstanding, cold-hardy, and easy-care flowering tree that makes a colorful accent in small spaces. Reddish new foliage matures to dark green. Deep-pink spring flowers produce small, dark red-purple fruit. The upright form becomes rounded with age and looks great in just about any landscape. Deciduous. Moderate grower reaches 15-20' tall and wide. Zones 4-8.

Stellar Pink®

An elegant accent tree for high profile front yard or as a stellar focal point in the backyard landscape. Align with picture windows or glass doors to enjoy its seasonal changes from indoors. Deciduous. Vigorous growth to 25 ft. tall and wide. Zones 5–8.


Large, magnificent, and fragrant hot-pink flowers bloom on this spectacular small specimen tree in early spring. The upright, pyramidal form makes it perfect for small gardens. Deciduous. Moderate grower 16-22' tall, 5-7' wide. Zones 5-9.


Beautiful garden tree valued for its timing; petite purple-red flowers on bare branches bridge the gap between winter and spring! Reaches up to 15 ft. tall and wide. Zones 6–9.

Best Small Coniferous Trees for Zones 4-8

Golden Duke®
Eastern Hemlock

Conifers, with their needle-covered branches, add a welcome texture to the landscape. This one adds even more dimension with glowing golden-yellow foliage that turns bright yellow-orange winter. Makes a stunning container or small garden specimen with year-round interest. Improved sun tolerance over other gold hemlocks.  Evergreen. Slow grower reaches up to 20 ft. tall. Zones 4-8.

Jade Waves™ Fernspray
False Cypress

An improved selection with a more compact, uniform habit on a pyramidal form. Gracefully curved branches hold sprays of fern-like green foliage. Perfect as an accent in landscapes of all sizes. Evergreen. Slow grower reaches up to 8 ft. tall and 4 ft. wide. Zones 4–8.

JeanGenie™ Colorado
Blue Spruce

Get the blue beauty of a classic Colorado Blue Spruce on a slower-growing habit that is ideal for smaller spaces. The handsome pyramidal form has a denser growth habit and brighter blue needles than typical blue spruce varieties. Evergreen. Slow grower can reach 10-15' tall and 6-8' wide. Zones 2-8.

Favorite Small Trees with Unique Foliage for Zones 4-8

Esk Sunset
Sycamore Maple

One of the showiest of maples. New spring leaves emerge orange-pink, maturing to shades of deep green. Splashed with cream, tan, and pink, with rich purple undersides. Excellent fall foliage. Deciduous. Slow growing, reaches up to 25 ft. tall with age. Zones 5–8.

Jade Butterfly

A dwarf, vase-shaped male (fruitless) ginkgo with bright green leaves and lovely gold fall color. Greenish-yellow flowers appear in mid-spring. Dense habit. Deciduous. Slow growing, reaches up to 15 ft. tall and 10 ft. wide. Zones 4–9.

Velvet Viking™
Japanese Maple

Lacy, deeply dissected foliage of deep red has a delicate appearance yet is exceptionally tough and cold tolerant. The red foliage becomes even more vibrant in the fall. A show-stopping large container specimen or focal point in the garden. Slow growing, reaches 3' tall and 5' wide. Zones 4-9.

Good to Know

How far from a house’s foundation should you plant a 25 ft. at maturity tree?

Here is a good rule of thumb when planting a tree away from the house. Use the distance equal to one-third to one-half the maximum tree height.

Let us do the math here: no less than twelve feet from the house. Tree roots can grow beyond the canopy of a tree, so some wiggle room is a very good idea.

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