Edible Plants Bring Elemental Beauty

Edible Plants Bring Elemental Beauty

We’re big fans of multi-hyphenate plants so it was fun to pull together this list of truly special specimens that do more than one thing! Hedges that berry, shrubs that make produce, vines that fruits. But what all of these have in common is that (a.) they are lovely and (b.) they have an edible component. (Please be sure to read the important information below before consuming anything.)

Here are just ten of the hundreds of choices you will find on our site. Need more specific recommendations? Leave a comment below.

Thundercloud Purple Leaf Plum

Pale pink, single blooms blanket the stems in the spring before the foliage emerges. Coppery purple foliage holds its color into fall. Produces small, red edible fruit. Full sun. Up to 20 ft. tall and wide. Deciduous.


Little Ragu® Sweet Bay
Zone: 8 – 11

Pasta sauce must-have! More compact sweet bay with aromatic, edible foliage on red stems. Thrives in containers. Partial to full sun. Up to 8 ft. tall and wide. Evergreen.


White Flowered Chocolate Vine
Zone: 5 – 9

Vigorous, twining vine with dangling stalks of strongly fragrant white flowers followed by edible purple fruit. Full to partial sun. Up to 20 ft. long. Semi-evergreen.


Beach Plum
Zone: 3 – 7 

Looks great spring (white flowers) summer (lush and green) and fall when it bears fruits (yum) for making jams and jellies! Full sun. Up to 6 ft. tall and wide. Deciduous.


Sagae Plantain Lily
Zone: 4 – 8

Variety was bred for eating (tastes like asparagus). Harvest leaves and stems young for salad. Full shade to filtered sun. Up to 2 ft. tall and 3 ft. wide. Herbaceous perennial.


Jelly Bean® Blueberry
Zone: 4 – 8

Even if they didn’t bear delicious fruits, modern blueberries are a tidy, pretty shrub with lovely fall foliage. Partial to full sun. Up to 2 ft. tall and wide. Deciduous.


Improved Green Globe Artichoke
Zone: 6 – 11

Grow it for the foliage, and get edibles too. Large silvery-green leaves create a fountain-like form. Great in containers. Full sun. Up to 5 ft. tall and wide. Herbaceous.


Thumbelina Leigh English Lavender
Zone: 5 – 9

Flowers are an awesome edible…and so pretty too. Compact, aromatic, produces blooms up to 3X per year! Full sun. Up to 1-1/2 ft. tall and wide. Evergreen.


Hass Improved Manzanillo Fruiting Olive
Zone: 8 – 11

If you live in a warmer zone and have the room, this fruiting olive tree brings all kinds of romance to the garden. Full sun. Up to 20 ft. tall and 15 ft. wide. Evergreen.


Pineapple Guava
Zone: 8 – 10

Outstanding hedge with edible flowers and fruit! White flowers are followed by tasty guava-like fruit in fall. Full sun. Up to 15 ft. tall and wide. Evergreen.


  • We recommend that you do not consume any part of any plant that you do not know 100% for certain is edible.
  • We list specific cultivars that have been well-researched and if consumed as noted, proven to be edible with no ill-effects.
  • Plants that have been sprayed with synthetic pesticides or herbicides should not be consumed.
  • Plants that have been sprayed with organic chemicals should be washed well before consuming.

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