15 Favorite Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

15 Favorite Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

15 Favorite Low Maintenance Indoor Plants
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Photos by Doreen Wynja

You don't need to be a houseplant expert to bring some tranquility to your indoor space with lush, verdant plants. The secret to houseplant success is simple—start with easy-going, healthy plants. Low-maintenance houseplants that are grown by experts like our own Monrovia craftsmen are simply the best way to start filling your home with beautiful plants that last. 

We invite you to start (and continue) your indoor plant journey with these 15 beautiful, easy-care houseplants. Our top choices include houseplants in a variety of categories, including large plants, succulents, and plants for low-light settings.

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15 Favorite Easy-Care Houseplants 

Best Large, Low-Maintenance Houseplants 

Growing a large houseplant as a statement piece or living work of art doesn't have to be overwhelming! While most large houseplants require well-lit settings, there are many that don't need much more than that and occasional watering. Below are our top three large, easy-to-grow houseplants for making an impact in your home decor (get more tips on decorating with large plants here).

Ginny Mini

This easy-to-grow indoor plant quickly climbs up a trellis or pole when provided with bright, filtered light. Despite misleading common names, this species is not a Monstera at all and is from a completely different part of the world, native to Thailand and Malaysia. Up to 6' tall with support.

Winged Phoenix™ 
Hardy Schefflera

    This magnificent new selection adds sensational tropical flair to rooms. New foliage emerges soft green and ages to deep silvery green on yellow-green petioles. Water regularly to maintain soil that is evenly moist but not soggy. Enjoys a cool location with bright, indirect light. Up to 15' tall; can be kept much smaller as an indoor plant.


A selection of Banyan (the national tree of India) that is well known for its trunk-like aerial roots. Indoors, it is an easy-care large houseplant, with emerald-green leaves and a distinctive white trunk. Tolerant of inconsistent watering and lower light. Reaches 5 to 10' tall indoors.

Favorite Low-Maintenance Succulents to Grow Indoors

If you tend to forget to water and fertilize your houseplants, an indoor succulent collection is for you! Succulents are perfect for dry, sunny conditions indoors and out. Succulents need fast-draining soil (look for cactus soil mix)  and bright light to grow happily indoors. 


This unique succulent provides great contrast, with rosettes of absinthe green, vividly painted with red on margins and mid-leaf. Coral-pink and yellow flowers appear atop tall bracts in summer. Up to 2' tall.

Retro Succulents® 
Guido Aloe 

Clumps of stunning pale green rosettes with creamy white stippling and fringed edges on a rugged succulent. Red-orange flower spikes appear summer through fall. Up to 8" tall.

Desert Rose 
Paddle Plant

Prized for its thick, round, paddle-shaped succulent foliage, with a chalky blue-green color and red tinge that intensifies in full sun. Clusters of yellow flowers on spikes appear on mature plants. Up to 18" tall. 

Low-Maintenance Houseplant Spotlight: Peperomia

Native to tropical regions of South America, Peperomia is a stand-out in our low-maintenance favorites because of its glossy, fleshy leaves that are available in a variety of unique colors and shapes. These unique succulent leaves are also the secret to their low-water needs and versatility as a houseplant. The smaller size is a great option for shelves and tables.

Peperomia care: Use well-draining soil, like a cactus or succulent soil mix to avoid overwatering, and allow the soil to dry between waterings. Peperomia prefers bright indirect light and needs to live in a room that remains above 60°F. Use all-purpose houseplant fertilizer during the growing season; do not fertilize during winter months.


Ginny has smaller leaves with striking red-purple margins that make it stand out among all your green plants. Up to 12" tall. 


Raindrop has super glossy, dark green leaves that look elegant in any situation. Though short-lived, the finger-like white flowers have a lovely sweet fragrance. Up to 12" tall.


The striking melon-stripe pattern of Watermelon Peperomia brightens shelves, tabletops, and desks. Up to 12" tall.

Photo by Getty P.A

Easy-to-Grow Indoor Plants for Low Light

It can be tough to find low-maintenance houseplants that will thrive in low-light conditions, but there are a few that really stand out in a crowd. ZZ plants, snake plants, and cast iron plants are all well known for their laid-back nature, but have you seen the beautiful varieties below? 

Superba Robusta 
Snake Plant

Perhaps one of the easiest houseplants to grow, needing little light and little water. The compact size is perfect for desks, table tops, or shelves. Happy with low to bright light; avoid direct sun. Can also grow in fluorescent lighting.  Up to 12" tall.

Lucky Giant 
ZZ Plant

Provide well-draining potting soil. Thrives in medium to bright indirect light, but can tolerate lower light. It is not particular about humidity. Provide well-draining potting soil. Thrives in medium to bright indirect light, but can tolerate lower light. Up to 3' tall.

Cast Iron Plant

Glossy green foliage heavily speckled with creamy yellow spots provides excellent color and texture and can also be grown in outdoor shade gardens. As tough as the name suggests, cast iron plants adapt to heat, aridity, and even dry shade. Up to 3' tall. 

Low-Maintenance Houseplant Spotlight: Philodendrons

This easy-going tropical plant from South America adds a wonderful, big-impact accent to contemporary or bohemian living spaces. Philodendrons are beautiful, versatile houseplants that can thrive in a variety of conditions. You can find philodendrons with a variety of unique characteristics, like variegated or silvery leaves, or even deeply cut leaves.

Philodendron care: Bright to medium indirect light is ideal for the quickest, lushest growth, but they can live in low-light settings (although it slows growth). Like most houseplants, philodendrons do not like soggy soil, so be sure that the top inch of soil is dry before saturating the soil with deep watering. 

Lickity Split 

Lickity Split is a favorite thanks to its large, deeply cut, and shiny leaves. This low-maintenance beauty has a unique, tropical beauty. Up to 3' tall. 

Silver Sword 

A vining variety with big, gray-green leaves; provide support to allow it to climb. Up to 3' tall with support.


Birkin is impressive for its large leaves that feature artistic variegation. Green new leaves develop white variegation over time. Up to 3' tall.

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