Waterwise Gardening Webinar

Waterwise Gardening Webinar

Waterwise Gardening Webinar
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Being a waterwise gardener requires more than just conserving this precious natural resource. Smart plant choices, low-water landscape designs, and efficient watering techniques can help create a beautiful garden that requires less water.

Join Monrovia's trend spotter Katie Tamony and plant expert, Georgia Clay, as they share tips for creating a waterwise garden. Whether your in a drought prone area or want to use less water, this discussion will give you design ideas. Also, we share drought-tolerant, lush foliage and colorful plant options you can enjoy this summer.

Waterwise Webinar Plant List

Waterwise Trees

Leslie Roy Mesquite, Full to part sun, zones 7-9

Timeless Beauty® Desert Willow Full sun, zones 7-9

Red Push Pistache Part sun, zones 7-10

Flame Thrower® Redbud Full sun, part sun, zones 5-9

Chocolate Fountain™ Mimosa Tree Full sun, zones 6-10

Marina Strawberry Tree Full sun, zones 7-9

Jade Butterfly Ginkgo Full sun, zones 4-9

Tolleson’s Blue Weeping Juniper Full sun, zones 3-9

Andean Gold™ Austrian Pine Full sun, zones 4-8

Waterwise Edible Plants

Fruiting Pomegranate Full sun, zones 7-11

Desert King Fig Full sun, zones 6-10

Chicago Hardy Fig Full sun, zones 6-10

Haas Improved Manzanillo Fruiting Olive, Zones 8-10

Zestful™ Lollipop Grape, Full Sun, Z 7-9

Barbeque Rosemary, Full sun, Zones 8-10

Waterwise  Perennials

Barbican™ Yellow Red Ring Blanket Flower, Full Sun, Zones 4-9

Mango Popsicle Dwarf Poker Full sun, zones 6-9

Junior Walker™ Catmint Full sun, zones 5-9

Conga Line Sedum Full sun, zones 4-9

Kudos Coral Dwarf Agastache, Full sun, zones 5-10

Steffi Dark Rose Gaura Full sun, zones 5-9

Monarch Magnet Pineleaf Milkweed Full sun, zones 9-11

Orange Crush Desert Mallow Full sun, zones 6-10

Celebrations™ Fireworks Kangaroo Paw Full sun, zones 9-11

Waterwise Flowering Shrubs

Emerald Ice Hopbush Full sun, zones 7-11

Little John Dwarf Bottlebrush Full sun, zones 8-11

Icee Blue® Yellow-Wood Full sun, zones 9-11

La Barbe Bleue™ Bluebeard Full sun, zones 5-9

Flutterby Petite® Tutti Fruitti Pink Butterfly Bush Full sun, zones 5-9

SweetMaroon™ Myrtle Full sun, zones 8-1

Waterwise Vines and Grasses

Burgundy Queen® Bougainvillea Full sun, zones 10-11

Tangerine Beauty Crossvine Full sun, zones 6-9

Blackhawks Big Bluestem Full sun, zones 3-9

Blonde Ambition Blue Grama Grass, full sun, Zones 4-9

Elijah Blue Fescue, full sun, Zones 4-11

Succulents for Waterwise Containers

Mad About Mangave® Snow Leopard Full sun, zones 9-10

Mount Everest Big Blue Chalksticks Full sun, zones 10-11

Safari Orange Aloe Full sun, zones 9-11

Brakelights® Red Yucca Full sun, zones 5-10

Artichoke Agave Full sun, zones 6-9

Afterglow Echeveria Full sun, zones 9-11

Lawn Replacement Ideas

Tiny Tower® Italian Cypress Full sun, zones 7-10

Tuscan Flame Heavenly Bamboo Full to part sun, zones 6-9

Bright Star Yucca Full sun, zones 7-10

Outdoor Room Border Ideas

Foxtail Fern Part sun, zones 9-11

Little Ollie® Dwarf Olive Full sun, zones 8-11

The Princess™ Spanish Lavender Full sun, zones 7-9

Waterwise Groundcovers

Hantamberg Orange African Daisy Full sun, zones 7-10

Marian Sampson Scarlet Monardella Full to part sun, zones 5-9

Early Bird™ Purple Ice Plant Full sun, zones 4-10

SunSparkler™ Dazzleberry Sedum, full sun, Zones 4-9

Massachusetts Kinnikinic Full to part sun, zones 2-6

Green Wheel Hens And Chicks Full sun, zones 4-9

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