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Welcome to the Down to Earth Monrovia resources page. We want you to feel confident and knowledgeable about selling our plants at your garden center.


We have been pioneers and craftsmen in the art of growing plants for nearly 100 years. Since our founding in Southern California by Harry E. Rosedale, Sr. in 1926, we have been absolutely dedicated and obsessed with quality. 


Quality starts by selecting the very best varieties of plants to grow, working with breeders from around the world to test and trial plants before we deem them suitable for your garden center. From our custom soil mixes developed to ensure healthy roots to the care we take in pruning and shaping our plants as they grow, Monrovia is also focused on giving every plant what it needs to thrive.  Below you’ll find helpful information to use in serving your customer.

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Want to explain our unique approach to soil to a customer?  Have a question about some of our newest selections? These videos can help

Key Plants

Information about the top selling varieties at your stores:

Velvet VikingJapanese Maple

Low, spreading branches on a beautifully mounded, weeping dwarf form. Rich, red, deeply dissected foliage holds its color throughout the growing season, developing more vibrant red tones in the fall. A lacy, delicate appearance yet exceptionally tough and cold tolerant. Thrives in full sun of cooler regions. An excellent container specimen. Deciduous.

Fine Line® Fern Leaf Buckthorn

Lacy fern-like foliage combined with a narrow columnar habit make this a fantastic plant for adding texture and shape to the garden. Foliage turns yellow in fall. Great as a narrow hedge, accent specimen, and to frame doors and pathways. This non-invasive cultivar is an excellent replacement for older weedy varieties.

Flamingo Dappled Willow

Fantastic variegated foliage of pink, white and bright apple green on a graceful, easy to grow shrub. Occasional pruning to shape promotes a flush of colorful new leaves. Foliage resists heat scorch and stands up to rain and wind. Shiny red stems add appeal even when bare in the winter landscape. Deciduous.

Purple Fountain Grass

A popular drought tolerant grass that forms a tidy, dense clump of purplish maroon blades topped with rose-red plumes. Beautiful as a landscape specimen or planted in groups. Unlike the species, this cultivar does not reseed. An herbaceous perennial grass in mild winter regions; provides quick annual color in any climate.

Color Guard Yucca

Slightly arching, sword-shaped, striped foliage of creamy-white against dark green provides great architectural interest. Showy spires of fragrant snow white blooms in summer. Ideal as an accent or container specimen, or used in mass plantings. Tolerant of wind, heat, humidity, and drought. Evergreen.

Orange Rocket Barberry

Vibrant coral-orange new foliage ages to a medium green, then turns ruby red in autumn. This award-winning, compact shrub has a vigorous upright growth habit and improved resistance to rust. Use to brighten the landscape in mass plantings, as a specimen plant, or in a container. Deciduous.



Frequently Asked Care Questions

Head over to our knowledge base to get detailed answers on the most asked plant care questions.